‘Heeding the Ancestors’ Call, Part 1

  • Posted on January 25, 2012

Photograph credit: Musa Hlatshwayo Photograph credit: Musa Hlatshwayo
For a long time I have been curious about the mysterious process of ukuthwasa (initiation) and the ‘ancestral world’ to which traditional healers of many kinds – izanusi, izangoma, izinyanga, abathandazi – have access. My curiosity is fed by the secrecy and the mysterious codes among traditional healers. I have begged those that I had met along my journey, including family members, for information. Most would only tell me as much as what non-healers are allowed to know and nothing more. I guess my ancestors have finally smiled on me. I met Nkosiphendule ‘Mehlwemamba’ Ntuli when he approached me about how to share the story of his journey to being a healer with a wider public. I have used his desire to tell his story as an opportunity to get my questions about ukuthwasa and the world of ancestral spirits answered.  This is going to be the first of three stories as Mehlwemamba gives me an in-depth look at the world of traditional healers and their relationship with ancestors.

Nkosiphendule ‘Mehlwemamba’ Ntuli was born on 5 January 1989. His parents, Mkhuliseni Ntuli and Busisiwe MaGasa Ntuli, of eZilozini in Nkandla had been struggling to have children. When he was born his grandmother named him Nkosiphendule as it was clear that their prayers had been answered. He currently works as a sangoma and is also a well-known imbongi who often accompanies leader of the National Freedom Party Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi’s as her official imbongi.

During his high school years Nkosiphendule, became very sick with a mysterious illness doctors could not diagnose. He became thinner and would even hear and dialogue with voices that only he could hear and understand. He found it hard to pursue an education at high school like every other school teenager. He started dreaming a lot about different kinds of snakes, mostly pythons, as well as elderly people of his lineage who had passed on. One day while looking after his father’s cattle in Nkandla, he was suddenly drawn towards a dam where he witnessed a uniquely beautiful and large python playfully maneuvering its body in the water as though it was showing off its strength and beauty. When he told family members of this event, he was immediately informed that such was indicative that he had a calling. Apart from the sicknesses and the dreams, this was not the first sign. For some time he had also had a rare desire to scream and run into the water every time he came across a lake or a damn. It was at the age of 16, on Friday 3 March 2006, that he suddenly responded to the voice that had been telling him to pack his things and go. In a rage, he started yelling back at his family members telling them not to stop him as he was going to MaZondi’s in ETulwane as instructed by the voice. So he departed, led by a spirit and followed by his family members. 

MaZondi was an older sangoma who had been practicing for years and knew how to respond to being appointed by the ancestors to initiate somebody with a calling. The first step she took was to plead with the ancestors for Nkosiphendule not to be sent to undergo training underneath the water (in the dam).  She feared that he might be drawn by an ancestor of light out of goodwill only to realise that amongst his ancestry there is also an ancestor that will then trap him underneath as a means of punishing the family for the sins of his forefathers. MaZondi’s request to the ancestors was for them to release the snake that Nkosiphendule was supposed to go and fetch from the water so that it could make its own way to his home. The ancestors agreed. The snake was released and made its way to Nkosiphendule’s home in the same way as it did when MaZondi herself was undergoing the initiation.  Nkosiphendule then found a new home at MaZondi’s where he started his initiation.

When I asked him about the process of ukuthwasa, he said: “Ukuthwasa inkambo yobizwe yidlozi lapho esamukela ubizo lwakhe. Kuwukuqeqeshwa,ukwelashwa nokushayelwa izinkamba zokwamukela idlozi nokulipha umtombo eliwufunayo. Uma idlozi lisegazini kumuntu lidla igazi lakhe, esikhundleni sokuba lidle igazi lakhe aze azace ithwasa liye lishayelwe amagobongo liwadle liwaphuze liphalaze ligeze ngawo ukuze idlozi lidle wona.  Okulandela lapho kuba ukufunda imithi – umuthi uwufundiswa idlozi ngokufika ngephupho. Uma usulaphelike wafunda nemithi, ufihlelwa izinto ekumele uzithole ngokubhula, izifo nemikhuba nemihlola eyenzeka emagcekeni yabantu. Uphinde unqwanjiswe uhlatshelwe imbuzi uphuze igazi layo. Leligazi yilo elidliwa idlozi emzimbeni wakho. Uphuziswe inyongo yembuzi uphinde uthelwe ngayo njengendlela yokwanyukeliswa idlozi. Uma usugeziwe ibomvu (usekhona esigodlweni) njengengxenye yokuqeqeshwa kwakho ube usubhulela abantu.  Isangoma esikuthwasisayo sisuke sikuqaphile, uma enganelisekanga umuntu kuye kube sekuqhubeka sona simbhulele. Uma usuqeqeshekile uhlatshelwa imbuzi wethweswe imiyeko bese uba isangoma ngokuphelele. Abakini sebengafika bekukhiphe ngokubeka inkomo yokubonga ukuthi welashiwe wathwasiswa kanye nenkomo yokuthi uyamukelwa usuyisangoma kanye nembuzi yokwamukelwa ngabakini njengesangoma – lapho sithi usuphothule idlozi.”

“(Ukuthwasa is a journey undergone by an initiate who has a calling when he or she responds to the calling. It is a form of training, healing from your sickness as well as a process of accepting your ancestor and feeding it with the necessary muthi that it requires. When an ancestor resides inside of someone it feeds on his or her blood. So instead of it feeding on that person’s blood until he or she wears thin the initiate is then given amagobongo (a form of muthi) for him to eat, drink, to use as a means of regurgitating and also to use when bathing so that the ancestor can feed upon it.  Thereafter one has to learn the process of understanding and mixing muthi, throwing the bones and telling where certain objects are hidden, and identifying ailments and circumstances facing someone’s family.  A goat is then slaughtered for you and you are required to drink its blood. This is the same blood that the ancestor is meant to feed on.  You are also fed that’s goat’s bile, which is also smeared on you as part of the process of you accepting the ancestor. Once the ibomvu (the ochre clay) has been washed from you (while you are under the guidance of your trainer) you then start consulting or attending people where you throw bones and tell of their circumstances. All of this is done under the supervision of your trainer so that should that person be unhappy your trainer will take over the process again. Once you have been trained in this department as well a goat is then slaughtered for you and your hair is then twisted and beaded (nowadays one can also get ready-made headgear) thus qualifying you as a sangoma. Your family members are then expected to bring you home by giving a ‘cow’ as a form of gratitude to your trainer, another cow to welcome and accept you as a sangoma and a goat for the ancestors to welcome and accept you – and that process renders one a qualified sangoma.”) 

An initiate is also expected to follow a number of principles to keep them grounded. They are kept painted in umcako (white body clay) as a symbol of being in the process of initiation. When greeted they are meant to raise a hand while bowing the head down as a gesture of obedience. They have to kneel when talking to another person in conversation and their speech is supposed to be brief and to the point. When eating he or she is supposed to do so in a kneeling position. They are required to use their own individual utensils that they will not share with anyone during their period of training. This includes linen, eating utensils, bathing utensils and everything that one requires on daily bases. On graduating they are expected to get rid of all the clothes that they were using during their initiation. They are then cleansed of umcako (the white body clay) and they are smeared with ibomvu (ochre body clay) upon graduating.

‘Mehlwemamba’ – the new name

One day while Nkosiphendule was still undergoing his initiation Thokozile Soni Zondi, the sangoma who was initiating him, connected with her ancestor while the two of them were sitting in the kitchen. She started singing passionately and it became clear that she was in a moment of deep connection with her ancestor.  A while later she then explained to Nkosiphendule that her ancestor had given him a new name: ‘Mehlwemamba’ (mamba’s eyes). On asking why that name, MaZondi explained that the ancestor had noted when Nkosiphendule is dancing in trans with the other izangoma his eyes became skewed and glowed in the same manner as those of a mamba. The ancestor had noted that his eyes were very quick in finding and spotting things whenever MaZondi had misplaced them. His general curiosity and the way he thinks and operates also resembled the cunning of a mamba. Hence the name ‘Mehlwemamba’.

I asked him if he knew the ancestor that possessed him. He said yes. He first noted his paternal great-grandfather, Nyawozengane Ntuli. He was then possessed by his paternal great-grandmother, MaNdebele Ntuli. However, she had come through a different kind of spirit (isithunywa), as she had been a practicing Christian in the Zionist Church. Mehlwemamba uses both the isithunywa from his grandmother and the ancestral spirit from his great-grandfather depending on the nature of the situation faced by the person he is attending to. He is also possessed by his maternal great-grandmother, MaMakhaye, who is the most powerful all of his ancestral spirits, together with Nyawozengane Ntuli. He also acknowledges his late grandfather, Smolo Ntuli.  Mehlwemamba then points out that his ancestors had different reasons for him to undergo this initiation.  His paternal great-grandfather, Nyawozengane, and his maternal great-grandmother, MaMakhaye, were simply giving him a ‘gift’ to survive on. Smolo and MaNdebele used the initiation as a means of saving and protecting him from harm directed at him by family members that were jealous of him as an only child from his mother’s womb within a polygamist family.  Going into initiation was a means of taking him away from the family.

Each initiate has his or her song/chant/hymn that is communicated to him or her by the ancestors. Mehlwemamba explained how he once heard a voice that sounded as though it was singing at a distance, echoing in a way that suggested it was in a gorge or a valley. On listening carefully he found himself singing along:

“Webaba nomama, ngixoleleni nami angizenzanga, ngenziwa abaphansi ngenziwa ogogo, ngenziwa nawomkhulu. Nani bomndeni nani bafowethu nani bakithi ngixoleleni, nami angizenzanga, ngenziwa abaphansi ngenziwa ogogo ngenziwa omkhulu.” (“Father and mother, forgive me. I didn’t do it by myself, it was a call from my ancestors, a call from my grandmothers and my grandfathers, brothers and family members, I didn’t chose to do it through my own choice, it was the grandfathers and the grandmothers.”)

Another chant that followed clearly justified the setting depicted above as it went:

“Ngaze ngathwasa emaweni. Awubheke imithangala ingakanani, awubheke izintaba zingakanani, awubheke izihosha zingakanani, ngaze ngathwasa emaweni.” (“ I am being initiated in the vallies, behold the depth of the valleys, behold the magnitude of the mountains, behold the magnitude of the valleys, I am being initiated in the valleys.” These are his chants.

Follow Mehlwemamba’s journey in Part II of the story.

Musa Hlatswayo is an Archival Platform correspondent based in KwaZulu-Natal

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  • The oldest regloiin is shamanism, and dates back to when humans were cave dwellers. The shaman in the community served as religious leader as well as medical consultant and a host of other roles. Cave paintings depict animal worship, which was mediated through the shaman. This was the first regloiin, before humanity reached civilization (as defined by stationary living). Survival was immediate and was determined by the availability of food, thus animals were central to the regloiin. Fertility based regloiins that focused on crops and sun worship came after humans transitioned from hunter-gatherers to those practicing agriculture. When humans discovered that they could plant their own food, they then saw the sun as a central concept to the continuation of life, and crop abundance was associated with fertility. You can research shamanism on the web and get tons of info. Forms of this regloiin still exist today, making it the oldest regloiin in the world.

    By Mayko on 26/04/2012
  • Many thanks for your input Mayko, I’ve always been fascinated by Shamanism myself smile

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 30/07/2012
  • I   ddn’t   thing   dat   it   was   such   a long   & painful   process.  I   also   have   a calling   &  ddn’t   finish   highschool   like   other   ppl.  I   dn’t   regret bng   born   but I   thank   my   forefathers   for the   gift   they   hve given   me.  I   need help I hope to find   it soon.

    By Mamere Moema on 03/09/2012
  • I was told by a sangoma that I needed to go train. The problem is she told 5 people the same story the very same day. I have dreams of my ancestors warning me of danger, I have encountered a snake in the house but I’m confused can you please help me.

    By Flo on 25/10/2012
  • i did know that uGobela angakupha igama….“mehlwemamba"cos they say igama ulithola maugajekwa. I might be wrong, please assist me, as i have a problem with the name I was given as well.

    By Dipuo on 29/10/2012
  • Thanks Dipuo, I will speak to him for you

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 06/11/2012
  • Real   &  honest   gobelas   are   hard   to   find.  I’m   in   need   of   help,  kwa mele   ngiyo   thwasa   ngoba   manje   o   gogo   seba   thukuthele   nge   mpela.  Amanzi   engi   wa phuphako   ana   mandla   kakhulu   futhi   aya   thusa.  Ngi   chabanga   ukuthi   it’s   time now   but   I have   a big problem.  Where   am I going   to get full   training   and   a real   true gobela?  Please   help me.

    By Mamere Maria Moema on 11/11/2012
  • I’m having trouble in my life I have been told by a lot of sangoma’s that I need to go to initiation. The problem is they never tell me where I really need help here.

    By Noxolo Yengwa on 15/11/2012
  • Thanks for sharing Mamere, glad you’ve been able to embrace your gift. your courage will surely encourage others like Noxolo, Flo and many others that are going through the same process.

    I have spoken to Mehlwemamba and I will summarize his response to all your questions and or comments.

    “You cannot be told by someone else where it is that you need to go to train. We use traditional healers i.e.izangoma, izinyanga etc to help us identify what we have to do but it is your ancestor that will tell you directly through dreams, visions or any other way that it uses to communicate to tell you where to go when the time is right. So yes, they might be right when they say you have to go for initiation or training but again you have to be directed by your ancestor as to where it is that you should go, otherwise you might end up going to someone who has nothing to do with your healing and or initiation. Let’s also bear in mind that it is the ancestor that will say which kind of traditional healing or initiation you need to attend to. some have been told they need to go and train as sangomas only to find that they just needed to attend to someone for healing purposes only or to be trained as umthandazi or inyanga and not even isangoma. it is through gaining the skill to communicate and listen to your ancestor that you will then learn about what it is that you have to do and where it is that you will find help.”

    I also spoke to him about the whether or not there are still real and honest gobelas.
    Mehlwemmamba still believes that there are real and honest Gobelas. he mentioned a handful from his surroundings in eNkandla which he says he has contracts with ending with uBab’ u I.V. Mhlongo, who is the head of the Traditional Healers Association in KZN, who also happens to be one of his advisers based in Maphumulo near Stanger. I also know that uBab’uMhlongo is very open to answering any questions related to the subject as well as to assisting anyone who might benefit from his help. 

    Dipuo, Mehlwemamba says as far as he knows it is the ancestors that give ithwasa a new name but in his case his initiator, MaZondi received the name on his behalf while she was in a deep trance. she then came out of it and communicated it to him and she was able to justify why and how that had happened. You didn’t specify what you meant by ‘having a problem with the name you were given’ and how you got yours and what the problem really is and so he doesn’t fully understand the question.

    i hope this answers to more of your questions. Do let me know if there’s anything that I didn’t answer to. Also note that this story continues on Part II - to get the full story.

    Inkosi inigcine


    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 15/11/2012
  • I was told kunezikhwama that are wiring for me and that nginesikweletu sasemanzini, I am a born again christian bit have accepted this ancestral calling but nothing comes to me, only certain birds that I keep seeing whenever I have helped someone with the journey towards accepting like I did or if ngiphahlile or if I had a bad experience. Now i need to understand what, or where i am at as far as the calling is concerned because i don’t dream, but always meet people (especially boyfriends)who need to be helped, either with cleansing or calling acceptance.confised please help

    By Neli on 02/12/2012
  • I’v had dreams since i was 16 years,lately i’m starting to have dreams that i dont understand,n a few of them goes,i was about tell my uncle something n the was a hole full of small n bick bones,n in another one i was slaughtering a tiger.I was dancing n singing to a ansestoral song then i cried out n ran to what i think was traditional medicene made of the snake of water or rain.Lately i’m having dreams water,  me walking to a river with cows standing near,when i walked closer the cows walked away n something big was moving under the water.last week i dreamt of a group of people coming out of a grass house singing a song that says"ke thoasitse metsi nkgo ya badimo"meaning i was initiated water the cup of the ancestors.when it rain’s with lightning n thunder storms then i become restless n idlozi take’s over,why does this happen please help me to understand better,n can i please also have the answer at my email.

    By Thapelo on 29/12/2012
  • Abuti Thapelo, firstly forgive my long answers, I have verbal diarrhoea when talking about Idlozi smile. I don’t want to end up misleading you as I myself am not fully initiated and i can’t say I can fully interpret dreams. However, if one reads carefully what you’ve written about your dreams. You clearly do have a calling, but can’t say with conviction that you must go thwasa under water. I’ve had several dreams myself dreaming of going underwater, seeing large water snakes, hearing people sing sangoma songs. Like you, this got me worried, and I started subscribing to ancestral groups on Facebook which I think don’t exist anymore. But what everybody encouraged me to do was phahla @ home, and also phahla out in the veld and also told to have patience.

    I did as I was told and the dreams didn’t stop, eventually my late grandfather came in a dream and explain as far as he was allowed to tell me, and told me that I will meet somebody who will assist me in understanding the rest of what is required when the time is right, and indeed, after a few weeks,  I eventually met the person who by the way is situated 400km in a different province and I’m based in Jo’burg.

    As for the persistent dreaming of water, this may as well mean that you have “Idlozi la se Manzini”, which could be the dominant one, over and above any other dlozi you may already have. Thus meaning that you may not necessarily have to thwasa under water but instead that your primary source of power or work may involve water, either praying in/by the rivers etc. But overall, and as far as I know, all Sangoma’s as part of their initiation do go to the water to do whatever they’ve been instructed by their ancestors. It may not mean going under water, but being put into the water/river/ocean to perform certain rituals.

    Finaly, to answer your question on WHAT IS ABALOZI: Remember in my previous response, I said your gift will determine how your ancestors will communicate with you. Well:
    1)  Some sangoma’s have Abalozi, now this is a very controversial one, but those in the know say “You can hear then whistle” which I’ve witnessed before during a consultation but I couldn’t be assured if it wasn’t the person I was consulting who was doing the whistling as he looked away when this happened. But also I wasn’t happy with the outcome of the consultation, as the sangoma already asked why I had come to see them, what was the problem and so forth. If they genuinely have Abalozi, they would’ve proactively known why I had come to consult without me telling them.
    2)  Some Sangoma’s can only communicate with their elders / ancestors through bones and dreams.
    3)  Some work only with or predominantly with “Isithunywa” whereby you get/ hear messages from Isithunywa and you can tell the client what you are being told, and at sometimes you also get to see visions of what is being communicated. NB: A person can have both IDLOZI and ISITHUNYWA, it just depends which is stronger, and by stronger I don’t mean as in competition, but more of which is the most dominant in your gift. Idlozi are “abadala” which have passed on, and Isithunywa is more like a messenger and works “primarily” through prayer. The two can be made to work in harmony without any havoc in your life, it’s just a matter of getting the correct balance and paying attention to your gifts. If you have both, YOU CAN’T CHOOSE ONE OVER THE OTHER, some people do choose, but with very dire consequences. You have to accept both and as such, you will work with both. For example, once you’ve initiated into both gifts, the type of client coming for a consultation will activate the correct gift to engage for that particular situation, you may find that all that a client needs is prayer and blessed water (isiwasho), you as the practitioner will know naturally during the consultation what is required. Another situation is that you could be told during a consultation to advise the client to slaughter xyz and do abc and that is it, or you may even have to recommend traditional medicine to target that specific ailment the client has.
    4)  Others solely see visions, and can even use the bible to do their readings.
    5)  Some have a gift of using pure water, they can see the vision in the water during the consultation and relay the message to you accordingly.
    6)  Some use aMakhosi, who also like Abalozi can sometimes speak out very loud, sometimes the client consulting can hear them as well.
    7)  And some can have all of the above gifts, or a mixture as seen fit by your ancestors and or even more!

    There are many more other means of communication which I may have not mentioned, and perhaps my take on explaining the 6 points above maybe disputed by some, however I’ve done so to merely point out to you that the nature of the gift and type of ancestors you have will determine the type of communication.

    By Mthimkhulu on 03/01/2013
  • Thank you Mthimkhulu,the answer that u thought was very long confirmed some of things,but can u please help me differenciate when one has activated Isithungwa n Idlozi.PLZ try to explain what the tiger n what happen’s when it rain’s mean.

    By Thapelo on 04/01/2013
  • Baba Mthimkhulu please help me with the part of the comment i dont understand.

    By Thapelo on 07/01/2013
  • Hi Thapelo, I feel that we are now hijacking bhut’ Musa’s blog! I don’t want to mislead or lie to you, I’m not a dream interpreter, but I’m told that the slaughtered in the dream, may mean that you need to get a tiger hide (Isikhumba sayo). Some ancestors are willing to comprise on this whereby you can wear cloths (Amahiya) resembling the various animals as instructed by your ancestors. If bhut’ Musa is ok, i’ll give you my email address and we can chat. But please remember that I’m not yet fully initiated, so, i can’t really help you much. I can just guide you / point you in the right direction, where i a can.


    By Mthimkhulu on 10/01/2013
  • Gentlemen, I am so loving this exchange. The purpose of this blogg and the article is for the very same reasons,so there’s no need to worry Mthimkhulu. Both you and Thapelo are merely serving the purpose. So yes go ahead and send Thapelo your email address. Let’s remember having discussed this on our blogg, publicly, you certainly have shared some information that will help hundreds of thousands of other people and we are grateful for that.

    What I’ve been doing my research on Thapelo, because it kind of confuses me, is the nature of the animal in your dream; the tiger?! Could you confirm that this is a tiger and not a leopard? I’ve been concerned and confused because as far as I know a tiger is of foreign origin-Asia if I’m not mistaken. So I have been trying to find out if idlozi can communicate and draw your attention to animals and figures that are foreign to our origin. For instance, Mthimkhulu, suppose that is the case-that he has to wear a tiger hide; where and how would he then get it. I know I’m now trying to bring ‘logic’ into matters of spirituality and I’m often cuationed against finding and placing ‘logical understanding’ to such matters, because we cannot and perhaps should not fully understand, as ours is simply to respond through the wisdom that will be ordained or revealed to us…but I still wonder all the same lol.

    Thapelo, I will also send you contact details of Mehlwemamba and others that I think might help. I do appreciate your assistance Mthimkhulu, a lot as you are also educating me in some aspects. Thapelo, as Mthimkhulu keeps emphasizing, let’s be aware that he is not yet fully initiated and interpreting dreams is not his expertise. And as he mentioned earlier, do not forget to go to capacitated people for a proper consultation wherein you will get answers to all your questions, most importantly: speak to idlozi lakho and listen.they will respond in due time.

    All the best…

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 10/01/2013
  • Hi Bhut’ Musa, thanks for the clarification / Correction. What I’ve noticed is that our people, myself included always use the word tiger interchangeably when also referring to a leopard. It’s for this reason that I didn’t pay particular attention to the precise nature or species of the cat Thapelo saw. But again, we must remember that dreams aren’t always literal in meaning, and that certain things, situations, places, can be implied or even substituted with what is common or comprehensible to us and that similar or comparable objects may be used to convey a message. Hence I strongly advise Thapelo to seek assistance from a well versed and trained person who can interpret his dreams and I appreciate the fact that you share and echo my sentiments.

    Thapelo, as stated previously, when doing your consultations, try more than one source so as to ensure that what you are being told is consistent and not distorted. Other faith healers including sangoma’s, will be able to even tell you the types of dreams you are having without you telling them, but again this differs from person to person as our gifts aren’t the same.

    By Mthimkhulu on 10/01/2013
  • Bhut’ Musa, I forgot to thank you for allowing us to share these stories on your blog. I was getting worried that perhaps we are now deviating from your initial intentions for this blog.

    Many thanks for this lovely article and the interest it has sparked around the African spiritual matters.

    By Mthimkhulu on 10/01/2013
  • Gentlemen now you sound like you’ll never commet on this blog.As for the animal in the dream it was not a tiger it was a leopard i’m sorry.Mthimkhulu please tell me what a u initiated if it is isindawo i’d like to know more about it n the difference.

    By Thapelo on 12/01/2013
  • Hi everyone,

    Hope someone will help me this time. I need to find out if there’s a link between what’s happening in my life with me having a calling. Looking back from when I was a young girl I never finished or saw through the end or towards success with anything I’ve started it’s now affecting me more as am not getting any younger and have nothing to show for it. I always have to start over and am frustrated. I was at my cousins umgidi for amathwasa recently and her gobela told me that I get cramps on my feet a spouting back pain headaches an ear that makes noises from time to time which is all TRUE but why do all things happen I don’t know. I don’t get why my ancestors show themselves to mu friend and not to me. If I really have a calling and there’s a connection to all these things why am I not the 1 dreaming about it, why don’t I know what to do next. What should should i do? Please somebody help me

    By Neli on 12/01/2013
  • Hi sis’ Neli, I can’t say for sure if it has anything to do with your calling but all the signs are there that it is. Please go consult a professional healer to get the truth. Please remember that lifestyle we lead today is somewhat hectic and this may also pose a problem when it comes to dreaming. There is no way that you can be alive and don’t dream, it’s just that you don’t remember your dreams which frustrates your ancestors and they end up resorting to talking to strangers. Consider ukuphahla, and beg the elders to persist, and there are also inkambi zephupho, such herbs help with the dreaming process. Qualified healers may also encourage you to “Phalaza” (induced vomitting)using special herbs so as to accelarate the dreaming process as ancestors don’t “normally” get through if we are impure, i don’t like using the word CLEAN.

    When you do dream eventually, you ought to try keep a diary next to you so you jot down your dreams as soon as you have them, this way you can reflect on these upon your waking state.

    Before i went ephehlweni, i resorted to setting up an alarm to wake me @ 2am daily, so i can sleep afresh and this way i was guaranteed to remember my dreams and write them down instantly as the dream finishes.

    By Mthimkhulu on 15/01/2013
  • Oh wow ngyabonga Mthimkhulu. I think I’m going to try the wake up and sleep again method, I just realised that the dreams that I do remember are the ones that I dream in the morning when I find myself waking up 3hrs before my alarm goes off. Thank you for this blog your the greatest.

    By Neli on 15/01/2013
  • I have another question. Is it normal to see ir be followed around by a certain type of bird in my case its the plovers and recently it’s been plovers and this other type of bird much bigger than a plover it’s brown with a big bent beak. These birds always show up on one side of tge road or fly over my car, one time I went to church for a while night prayer a plover was waiting in a corner at the church parking lot, sometimes it shows it comes and walks infront of the car as am about to drive off the petrol garage. Even this afternoon the plovers showed up across tge street infront of my house which has never happened before. Please shed some light. I have consulted about the birds but no one can tell me what they mean…

    By Neli on 15/01/2013
  • Nice one Mthimkhulu lol, I laugh because I always get myself in trouble when I say to people ‘I tell myself what I want to dream about and I can direct the plot in my dreams.’ I always argue with people who say they do not dream as I am certain that that is humanly impossible, lol. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your tips with Sis’Neli. S

    is’wami, the mind is a also like a muscle and should be trained to behave as such. It needs to be taught the descipline of listening and receiving. we are usually successful in teaching it how not to remember by using modern psychology or relaxation tricks like playing music and many other self hypnotizing tricks but we can also teach it to listen and to receive. I do believe that Mthimkhulu’s exercise will benefit you.

    I have also spoke to Mehlwemamba and he also emphasizes proper consultation with different people abazokuhlolela as there are signs of you having a calling. i also quote your last question as one of the questions I have asked him. It is common, he told me, for a certain animal to show up as a sign of your being guided or watched over for different purposes by your ancestor. In his case, it was a special kind of snake. My grandmother has also told me stories about the such. Mehlwemamba also recommends izinkambi zephupho like Mthimkhulu and also emphasizes that you have to be prepared to dream. This then means establishing a routine that prepares you even psychologically to be receptive i.e. tuning your mindset.

    Wishing you all the best sisi smile

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 15/01/2013
  • hi i would like to know if a person bamufake izilwane and aphuphe ngathi kufanele athwase aboniswe yonke into and amanye wamaphupho akhe anzeke ngempela and aphuphe okhokho bami kuye wo khulu and omunye wabo wathwasa waya emnanzi wabuya nomamlambo ngempela. amuphuphe nggama lakhe lasedlozini. aphuphe nomunye wabokhulu bakhe naye othwase nangabalozi. ngaya kuye ukhulu wakhe wathi embona wathi nag ugogo engimphupha nginaye emanzini na lo omunye engijwayele ukumphupha bengithwasisa. sathi sikhipha izithombe ezingafani sithi abakhombe la bantu waba khomba.ukhulu wethu lo omunye ophilayo wasisa kumuntu ukuthi siyohlola. wasitshela ngokuthi umntwana lo bamfake izilwane kodwa unabo abo gogo kuye kodwa akufanelelekanga ukuthi ayo thwasa yena. wamsebenza wathi sizokwazi ukuhlukanisa manje ngamaphupho akhe. kodwa inkinga yami ukuthi before siya ku gogo i use to dream and mina ngingumuntu oboniswa nami ngamaphupho ngithathe kugogo noma ukhokho wami bathi bekanesithunywa. ngiphupha nqo. so mina naye ngingaboniswa into namuhla ngingamstheli yena umtwana wami naye uzophupha same thing the following day. so bengimbiza i confirmation yami..okubalulkile ngifuna ukukwazi ngokuqubeka ukuthi ngizobona kanjani ukuthi kusezilwane noma sezihambe for good.. yena beka phupha inyoka e green ngaphansi kwamanzi ibhubesi elimhlophe i wolf emhlophe ingwe enamabala.. isicabucabu esiyigolide kuyena ekhnda esikhulu.. plz helpe

    By sibongile on 16/01/2013
  • Thokoza enye into naye bekezwa amakhwele kuyen ezindlebeni zakhe ebusuku noma ehleli esikolweni.. ngisaba ukuthi beselento imphazamisa nasesikoleni.. kodwa since siye kuloya baba.. uphuphe ubaba wakhe im sure third time..besihlala naye ubaba wakhe kodwa asisahlali naye.. the following day bahlangana ekuseni kwakhona eya esikolweni.. so thats puzzle me about her dream coz they for real..

    By sibongile on 16/01/2013
  • Sis’Sbongile, ngingabuza ukuthi uhlala kuphi nendawo? Ngicabanga ukuthi kungakuhle ubonane nabantu abangakuhlolela, abangabona abangasendaweni yangakini. Umuntu ozokuhlolela engazwanga ngawe ukuthi uze ngani - uBab’uMhlongo wakwa Maphumulo ongusishalo kwezobalapha ngesintu ujwayele ukusiza ezimweni ezifana nalezi. Ngingakucelela futhi nakuMehlwemamba nihlangane naye akuyalele noma akuphelezele ukuya kwabanye abathembile nabamlulekayo naye njengomuntu osebenza ngamakhambi - asebemnkantsh’ubomvu kulendima.

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 19/01/2013
  • Sis Noxolo, you were not ignored.

    I believe the answer has been discussed. May I request that you just read through the comments as you might be answered and maybe even get further insight into the processes involved and other people’s experiences. I also urge that you continue reading through to Part II of this article and the comments underneath as they will enlighten you even more. I say read through so as to avoid giving you a straight answer which would be a lie as i myself am learning from our discussion herewith…
    From reading about Mehlwemmamba’s journey, his commentary about the field of spiritual healing and the comments and questions from other contributors i guarantee that you will find your answer(s).Best of courage sis wami.

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 19/01/2013
  • i kindly love to come.. i have a friend stays at vryheid i can arrange with them to sleep over their place take it from there. if you can just send me the contact details or adress if i come to see you i can able to let you know,coz i’m staying in deep soweto and working at least by the school holidays i can arrange to come that side with her..kindly apriciate ypur help so much.. we realy need help from our south african people whom understand the whole information about amadlozi ethu xoz they connected with God in the spiritual way. thank so much giys for this website it helps us to undersatnd some of the things..

    By sibongile on 21/01/2013
  • Nginenkinga ngamaphupho ami yonke into engiyiphuphayo iyenzeka nd about the calling. ngiphupha ngisolwandle luluhle lukhanya bha ngihamba phakathi kulona ngize ngifike endoweni eyomile enamaqhukwane ezindlu kunezalukazi namakhehla kulendowo zingikikizela zingitshengise indlu yami.bese ngivela ngiphaphame.kwesinye isikhathi ngiphuphe ugogo nomkhulu bephethe imbuzi emhlophe enebala elibomvu bengena nayo ekhaya mabefika ngaphathy bethy angihlolele umunye ucc engingamazi nganqaba mina bangidinelwa ngaphinde ngaphaphama,elinye ngiphethe impuzi erast in colour ngiyi beke emaxalabeni kukhona ogogo bebaningi beshayaizandla ngiyongena olwandle luvuleka phakathi nendawo.ngicela ningichazela ngala maphuphu.

    By Cebile on 12/02/2013
  • sanibona,i am 20 years boy who have been troubled by dreams.nginenkinga yokukhohlwa amaphupho.ngisemncane maybe ngna 15 bengnokuphupha umuzi kugcwele izangoma.when then time goes on i was to that i have isithunywa sokuthandaza,nginokuphupha ngisendaweni esemanzini ngikhuleka,ngaphupha izangoma ezimbili zasendaweni kungathi bangabo thisha bami esikoleni,ngaphupha umuntu omdala who gave me isagila esincane(iqabanga).ezinsukwini ngphinde ngaphupha ngikhuleka emanzini ngazibona sekungath ngibulala inkomo esibayeni.
    Ngicela ulwazi.

    By mthunzi on 12/02/2013
  • Nginekinga yokukhohlwa amaphupho. At times ngiyaye ngibone something yenzeka and I’m like ngiyayazi lento and its only then that I realise ukuthi ngayiphupha lento.I’ve been told by different traditional healers ukuthi nginesthunywa and abanye bathi nginedlozi. Whenever kushiswa imphepho ngiyazamula kakhulu and sometimes my body shakes like I’m shivering or I feel heavy, ngiyasindwa emahlombe. I just need clarity ukuthi these few things I’ve mentioned have anything to do nokuba nesthunywa or idlozi.


    By Phiwo on 19/02/2013
  • Hi Phiwo, your signs are indeed those of umuntu o nobizo (a calling). Ke u zame ukuyo bona inhlanya (abantu ababonayo i.e. Sangoma’s, abaprofethi etc) to get a proper diagnosis of your condition smile . By what you are saying, it appears that you are at a slightly advanced stage already where you now react to impepho, ukusindwa kwa mahlombe etc. Some people have both isithunywa & idlozi and some have one and not the other! In general, we all have Idlozi since we are all descendants of a particular family tree. As for isithunywa, others may say this is Ingelosi that will guide and reveal things to you via prayer. Just remember that idlozi or isithunywa for that matter siya khushulwa ngabaziyo. Ku ya ngesipho sakho! Go for a consultation and your questions will be answered.

    By Mthimkhulu on 20/02/2013
  • mthimkhulu,ngcela ukubuza ngabe yini i gobongo,isuke yenzelwani.ngphinde ngbuze ukuthi yini umehluko phakathi kokuzalwa ubhethe noma ugaxile?mhlampe imiphi imimoya eyaye ihambisane nokwembatha?nokuthi iqabanga isagila esngcane simeleni?

    By mthunzi on 20/02/2013
  • I second uMthimkhulu Phiwo, in every word in his response. I strongly suggest you follow his advise in quest of all your answers. Best of courage!

    Mthunzi, ngizoyikha phezulu ngolwazi olungajulile - igobongo ngikhule ngazi ukuthi izinkamba noma imithi thizeni ephehlelwa ukulungisa indlela yomuntu onokugula thizeni okufaka idlozi noma amadloz ukukhanyisa indlela yakhei; lokho okusho ukuthi kungaba nanoma ubani, akusibo labo abanobizo nje kuphela.

    Ukuzalwa umbhethe kuvamise uukukhulunywa ngakho kabili i.e. literally and figuratively depending wkutheni umndeni wakho ukubheka ngandlelani. Leligama (uphume embethe) lisetshenziswa uma kukhulunya ngomuntu ophume esibelethweni embethe untwentwesana olungaphakathi okuyilo oluvikela umntwana. Ngiyacabanga kusuke kuyilo lolu odokotela abalubiza ngeplacenta. Ngokwesintu lokhu kuye kusho ukuthi uzalwe umbethe izibusiso - ungumuntu owambhathiswa zona ekuzalweni kwakho nompilo yakhe kumele iqhubekele phambili.

    Anginaso isiqiniseko kakhulu ngokuzalwa ugaxile - kodwa ngiyasola kusuke sekukhulunywa ngokugaxiswa izikhwama zokhokho bakho lapho uma omunye wabadala ubenesipho sokwelapha ngedlozi lo okuthiwa ugaxile uye oyaye athathe aqhube nomsebenzi noma nesipho. Anginaso isiqiniseko kakhulu la ngicela ukungagxili. Ngizokwenza ucwaningo ngibuyele kuwe…

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 01/03/2013
  • thokoza
    u can find me on facebook mthunzi cyprian thela or email:tmthunzy@gmail.com.

    By mthunzi on 02/03/2013
  • Thokoza am a yng lady of 24yrs ngathwasa bt izinto zami azingihambeli kahle ekuphupheni akuve ngiphupha izinto zenzeke 4 real kodwa namanje ngsanokuphupha kthwa angyothwasa fth bt abasho ukth kuphy bengcela assistance yenu.

    By Nhlanhlo on 02/03/2013
  • Nhlanhlo,uma ungenankinga mhlawumbe ungasichazela kafuphi ngenkambo yakho ukuthi uze uyothwasa nje kwakufike kanjani. Ngisho ngoba ezimweni ezinjengalezi kujwayelekile ukuzwa abantu besola uGobela wakho ngokudlala ngedlozi lakho nokuzama ukukubhekisela phansi. Ukuvikela isithunzi sakhe (uGobela kanye nabanye abathintekayo) bengingacela futhi uma ususinabela ushintshe amagama noma ungawafaki nhlobo. Emva kwalokho ngiyacabanga siyobe sesinesithombe esingconywana akuzameni ukukutholela izimpendulo kosolwazi bethu.

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 02/03/2013
  • Thokoza, ngikhule ngiwumntwana ontekenteke makushwo kwathwa ngazalwa ngimbhethe bengigula nje njalo ngino 8yrs ngize ngaphahlelwa amagobongo kwathy ukubangcono ngaqeda iskole kuqale nje sengise Tertiary ngagula ngnok’bna abangasekho basekhaya ngiye ezibhedlela zahluleka ngize ngiye ko gobela ngyohlola bafike bangtshele ukth ngine dlozi kumele ngithwase ngayiswa komunye waphnda wangphahlela igobongo ethy uyangcengela ngaziphuphela intwaso yam ngigqoke ingubo ezibmvu, umfula bt bazange bangikhmbise umunt okwakumele ngiye kuyena abazali baze bangisa ohlanyeni abalwaziyo bona ngafika ngathwasake kwakubuye kube nokungabonisan kahle mina no gobela engawalaleli amaphupho ami mangimtshela ngemithy efunwe ithongo lapho ngavumiswa idlozi ngapho2la kdwa okwangxaka ngqed kupho2la nje ngasenglokhe nkhnjiswa imfula fth izinyoka, izingwe namanje ngsagulela ukufa n ngyaludinga usizo.

    By Nhlanhlo on 03/03/2013
  • Sis Neli, i think kujywayelekile ukuthi ubizo olunganakiwe or ithongo elinganakekelwe libe ne impact empilweni yakho. Uma idlozi likhathazekile lingagezekile liba nolaka and that anger or umoya wolaka gets transferred on to impiloyo yakho. Ufrustratwe ubala ubenama mood swings, nemali ungazi ukuthi uyenzani kungabi nento ephathekayo ngawe nempilo yakho yonkana. I know izangoba ezimbili here in kzn that i can recommend for ukuthi akuhlolele and omunye ukhuphula lona idlozi uqobo kuyena lisho ukuthi inkinga ikuphi. maybe ke ungangithinta and i can email you their details see http://emakhosini.wozaonline.co.za/

    By Simiso Ntobela on 07/03/2013
  • thokoza,akekho mhlampe okhuphula idlozi ngapha e joburg omaziyo.simiso.ngabe umthimkhulu yena uhlala kuph ngezwa ngath ungapha egoli.

    By mthunzi on 16/03/2013
  • Mthunzi mina i have a very personal understandi yedlozi at is reveals itself to me that is why some rituals and ideas angihambisani nawo. Why do u want ukukhuphula idlozi…I belive that uma likhona likhona uma lifuna ukusebenza lizozenzela into yalo. Izangoma zikhuphulela abantu amadlozi zibathwasise and masekufuneka umuntu asebenze dweeh, usephuphile uhlupheka lento edida usathane. Bgiyakwesaba ukudedela nanoma ubani athinte lamakhehla nezalkaz zakithi and uma lihleli lingafuni ukusebenza liyeke liphumule ngobuhle. Coz every now and then uzohlaba uphahle uloku ubakhuphula. Contact me via http://emakhosini.wozaonline.co.za i can refer you to a few guys ejozi who can do that for you.

    By simiso on 18/03/2013
  • Good day Mthunzi, I agree with Simiso to a certain degree, but do differ on some points. I had also decided, after being told that nginezipho zedlozi, that if idlozi likhona, then they must come up and do their work themselves (through me of-course). To my dismay, whenever idlozi came to me in dreams, they pointed me to one particular somebody who will guide on ukubahlambulula nako ukuba khuphula. Ukuhlambulula nako ukuhlanzeka kubaluleke ka khulu ngoba idlozi alihlali endaweni noma emzimbeni onga hlanzekile which also confirms to me that this can’t be evil forces as sometimes suggested by other religous denominations.

    This has taught me that if anybody could learn anything on their own, then there would be no need for teachers or any institutions as such. I’ll admit that some people are fortunate that idlozi labo liyithwasisela bona noma kona ukuyi sebenzela maselilungile.

    What is best is to talk, beg and ncengisa idlozi lakho yourself, ask them to tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. What applies to me, won’t necessarily apply to you. And again, Simiso is correct in saying that people just want to use you, get money, get you to “hlola” like nobody’s business when usephehlweni then suddenly when you leave, it all comes crushing down. One might ask a question, but why does idlozi lami livuma ukuthi ngisetshenziswe ngo gobela, well, it’s because we don’t engage them first and sometime we let oGobela undermine our dreams whilst usephehlweni. We hear a person telling us that sineyithunywa, we are powerful beyond any inyanga/mthandazi that ever lived and we then get carried away.

    My suggestion is that uphahle / khaniyisele idlozi lakho for (x) consecutive days (“x” being an infinite number until you get the feedback you seek). Wo khumbula ukuthi idlozi liyancengwa, alitshelwa as some might suggest, others might say you can dictate to your ancestors to force certain issues or to get them to concede. If you do get people in the know to use muti to suppress or get idlozi to abide to certain things, just remember that this is a temp solution, ngoba lapho idlozi liyophakama knona, it might be a generation or two from now, there will be hell to pay! As much as we think that we are our own person, we all have a reason for existing, UTHUNYIWE, and therefore don’t get carried away by what you find interesting along the way. The Holy spirit has a mission, and we are part of a greater plan. I have learnt that negotiating nedlozi lakho, ngokukhulu ukuyithoba will yield far more better results, and i promise you from personal experience, your life will not only prosper beyond material wealth, but your communication with them, will be far greater. Uyandlondlobaliswa! The bible says, hlonipha uyihlo no nyoko, kuze phela intsuku zakho zande ezweni smile . That applies to the spirit world as well smile .

    Sorry about the lecture!

    To answer your question, I’m in Gauteng baba, please feel free to chat if you wish.

    By Mthinkhulu on 18/03/2013
  • thokoza,ungakuphi ne gauteng mkhulu.thanks for the lecture,it helped a lot now i have a understanding of few things.ngyathokoza naku mkhulu simiso.

    By mthunzi on 18/03/2013
  • ebengiqonde ukusho is that im against ukukhuphula kwedlozi kumuntu ongenalo ngoba uGobela efuna inkomo. I have a good reliable healer epretoria, uyafemba as wel. and kungenzeka akufembe bazo izidalwa ziphakame zikhulume uxoxe nazo basho ukuthi akulungisweni kanjani. ibox me if u need the details. Makwande!

    By Simiso on 19/03/2013
  • Hi sis Simiso, my sincere apologies if I’ve misinterpreted or taken out of context what you meant, shwele, ngiya xolisa! Bhut’ Mthunzi, sis’ Simiso mentions that she may know somebody in Pretoria that may be of assistance. Kindly refer to her message dated 19/03/2013.

    I’m based in the east rand but travel alot betwenn GP and free state.


    By Mthimkhulu on 19/03/2013
  • ngyathokoza,ngiphinde ngidlulise ukuxolisa ku gogo simiso,bengazi noma uwugogo noma mkhulu.ukuthi ngixakekile angikwazi ekufanele kwenze manje akekho noseduze engakhuluma naye ngimbuze,izinto otshengiswa zona emaphushweni njenge jazi lokuthandaza amabhayi,iqabanga ngabe izinto okumele uzithenge noma kokwenzeka uzithole ekuthwaseni?kwaba khona owanghlolela wangtshela ukuthi ijazi lami loba green left and blue ka right kodwa ke mina ephushweni kwafika izwi lathi nanti ijazi lakho elali yellow kwa left and green kwa right elalihamba ne bhayi(elimabhadubhadu amabala engwe) ezinsukwini ngaboniswa iqabanga umuntu omdala ethi lenduku ngeyakho uyiphathe kahle iyona oyonqoba ngayo,angikaze ngenze lutho ngoba ngasazi kumele ngenzeni ngiyephi,ngalezo nsuku bengisaphahle ngakezi la egoli,inkinga la ihlane isekudeni ngi rent e flatini.ngibone ukuthi mhlampe ngeke kuphumelele mangaphahlela khna la flatin.you can share your email addresses with me,if there is no problem.


    By mthunzi on 19/03/2013
  • Thokozani zinhlonhlo, ngathwasa muhlaka 2006, ngihlushwe hihlozi makushiwo ngisase mundane. Ngikhula ngiyenzelwa imisebenzi, Nathi mango gana abase muzini bajelwa ukuthi angifani mina ngine sipho. Ngakhula ngiphahla ku qela yoke izifiso imilwrni Jami. My dreams are always real, if someone is to pass these world my ancestors will cone in my dream tell me. Almost nothing will happen to people I know without knowing. My problem is since I came back I don’t remember people consulting or coming to me for help. I went further to consult and the Sansom told me I need to throw umbtuntu wami nobuhlalo e manzini cause the gobela dint do the right thing. I did that and during that time I had lots and lots of dreams my ancestors wanted me to buy indluya makhosi yo jani I did buy, they wanted me to buy the ndebele doll I did, but till today I don’t help people, I have even list interest and feel tired to go endumbeni and phahla, always when its time to ukuphshla I become tired, sleep, or forget. Pas help me now I just feel empty and want to continue understand if rely I am a sangoma or just a gift. Thokoza igama lam lehlozi, hu gijimani

    By lucy on 27/03/2013
  • thokoza Lucy, my grandmother says through the help of your Gobela you should have found out first which ancestor really wanted you to undergo initiation. Is it someone from your mother’s side or your father’s side. From then you would have then known which ancestor to ‘call’ during your initiation process. You might have put the wrong ancestor forward or the wrong side of the family thus angering the ancestor that really is behind intwaso yakho. The result in that instance would be that ancestor cutting the connection with you until such time that you recorrect this situation hence the tiredness and the sleepyness. The advice is therefore for you to phahla and seek guidance again and possibly slaughter a goat for forgiveness (need be) and things should work out right…


    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 30/03/2013
  • @ Flo, my grandmother says you need to wait, your ancestors will communicate directly with you before you can even jump into any conclusions

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 30/03/2013
  • @ Noxolo, my grandmother says if you are meant to go for initiation your ancestor will communicate with you. Wait for their instruction…

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 30/03/2013
  • @Phiwo, my grandmother feels that you might have idlozi. She’d advice that you attend to a graduated sangoma who will make ukhamba olumhlophe ozophalaza ngalo kukhanyiswe labaphupho. uma kukhona nedlozi nalo liyoziveza.

    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 30/03/2013
  • @Mthimkhulu, my grandmother agrees with your response to Phiwo’s question.

    By musa Hlatshwayo on 30/03/2013
  • thokoza,mkhulu musa,ngabe uma uphahla ingabe kufanele ubize kuphela isbongo saloyo msamo kuphela noma ungazibiza zonke kungaba isako mama nesako baba?thokoza

    By mthunzi on 30/03/2013
  • Thanks Gogo for your speedy reply, I knew that my ancestors where from my mothers side, hence when it was my time to come back from. ukuthwasa,a dream came to me days before going home my ancestors wanting me to buy goat and start at my grandmother first ukuyolanda ihlozi than to my parents place so its what I did.for me to connect with amahloxi what must I use for ukuphahla. What am I supposed to do get s respond from my ancestor. Always around 3am I wake up daily I will only be able to sleep after 5am. I tried taking sleeping pills but nothing is working, always 3am its like something its waking me up .

    By lucy on 30/03/2013
  • Saubona gogo Lucy, if i recall correctly, usuthwasile and that means your body is now used from waking up daily @ 3am automatically as this is customary for amathwasana. As i write this, i’m also told that you should use this opportunity / time to pray, and then ushise impempho ukhulume nedlozi lakho lonke. If you can, phehla isithundu sakho, ukhanyinse amakhandlela amhlophe, ushunqise phela nayo impepho ubize zonke iy’dalwa zakini, u busu cela nayo impendulo kukho konke ofisa ukukwazi. The answer will come, sometimes it may be instant such that you will receive it via a dream same morning, else you have to continue the above ritual consecutively every day until you get an answer. I can promise you that they will respond.

    By Mthimkhulu on 30/03/2013
  • Ngibonga ka khulu mkhulu, baba , gogo nthimkhulu ngempedulo. Ngizwa umoya wami u khululekile futhi ngine themba lokuthi kuzo kuzolunga. Ngizolandela indlela imiyalo yakho thokoza. Si hi zangoma , simosha imali eziningi si funana no size, kodwa ekutholweni kwami le side or website kubuyise ithemba kakhulu empilweni yami. Ngifunda kuningi, thokoza. Kune phupho iqela unqedo help ngalo, kunyaka wo kundlula ka 2012, ngaba ne phupho bangibonisa indawo bathi kumele ngiyo landa izikhwama aka mama wami khona, kuleyo ndawo kakune nyoka enkulu kodwa yathi mango byza ephupheni katbiwa kimi nginga thuki ngizo hamba ngibuye kahle. Bangibonisa abantu abambethe imbatno engatHi he ze zion blue and white lomunye angena athwele ikhamba ekhanda nokuthi hindlela engizo ngena or phumangayo. Ngathi ngisabuza Makhulu loyo ephupheni wangi jela I lang date, month yokuthi ngizoya nini lapho. Wa thembisa ukuthi uzo phinda abuye. Ngaya komunye ugobela ngamujela iphupholami, wangithatha wangimukisa emfuleni wakgHe la thandazela khona ukungi geza nokuthandaza. Itbe ngibuya kuwo lawo malanga, ngaphupha kuthiwa hubani othe ngiye kuloyo nofula ngobamina ngino mofula okumele ngayakuwo. Bangijela umuthi bekumele ngisebenzise I pepho yama khosi nokutni kumele ngiphahle kuloyo mfula ngesisu ngilele phansi. Kodwa isimanga umuthi ngiya wazi lomfula ukhona la e Soweto, ngabuyela ngaje,a lo gobela midway azange a phatheke kahle sabeka ilanfa wangimukisa kuloyo mfula. Ngifike ngatHola indawo phakathi emfuleni injengoba ngaiphupha, ngaphahla njengoba ngalayelwa hihlozi. Kodwa ilanga lafika lokulanda uzikhwama kwanga yenzeki lutho kufika manje. Ngiqela u sizo ukuthi kwabahini inkinga or ingabe hini evimbe ukuthi Ngoyi ukulanda ikhwama ir udlozi lingabuya umungilaya njengo kuza kwalo. Namja abakaze babuye ukungi qazela. Imams wa shona aloku akhuluma ngazo izikhwama waemele azilande lodes ngangamu thatheli ekhanda. P

    By lucy on 31/03/2013
  • Angphinde ngibingele gogo, this time ngizo dedela abanye ukuthi bakuhlaziyele leliphupho. A sithembe ukuthi ubhut’ Musa is still with Gogo and they can perhaps assist.

    I just see a constant pattern of not following instructions which seems to frustrate idlozi lakho. Idlozi li ne sikhwele ka khulu and elinye idlozi a lithandi uku holwa a banye a bantu due to this pride and jealousy they have. Your dream was explicitly clear and doesn’t need interpretation. It appears that fear is also a big factor with you as you keep on enlisting help where there’s none required. It’s understandable nje ngokuthi ungumuntu wesimame, and you can’t just get up @2am and go to a river. Gogo, you will never be deliberately lead to danger by idlozi if they want you to go do certain things ehlane or emanzini etc.

    You now need to seriously beg for forgiveness, shweleza and ask that they come back so you can proceed. Unga khohlwa phela naso Isithunywa le se mpahla engathi yase zion. Just take a break from consulting others, and instead focus on doing the communication yourself. Uthwasile meaning you know very well by now how to communicate nedlozi. Idlozi likhona kuwe it’s just that alikhushulwanga kahle. They can hear you very well, loud and clear, only that you don’t listen thus it appears as if they are now ignoring you.

    Put yourself in their position, if you keep on talking a child or warning them not to touch a hot stove and they don’t listen, what do you do as a parent? You pull away and let them figure it out on their own. Next time, they will not go near that stove. 

    Shweleza gogo, shweleza!

    By Mthimkhulu on 31/03/2013
  • @Phiwo: correction “...you might have isthunywa…uma kukhona idlozi nalo liyoziveza”.


    By Musa Hlatshwayo on 31/03/2013
  • Its me again thokozani bogogo nomkhulu I had another dream my grandmother who is alive was in a meeting with her sisters and myself telling them that Ishould have left long time ago but becuase the seem to be a lot of jealousy my way was blocked and she later told them that she was told to pass the message that even if it takes three to fives years that I will eventual go and they asked her where and she told them that she does not know.

    By SIFISO on 02/04/2013
  • Sanibonani

    Sengifunde ngafunda ama coment enu and appreciate the platform for this type of discussion. I come from a family of healers on both sides of my family and may also have a calling, I’ve had the deams and have the sounds in my ear of water sometimes it sounds like a bee is buzzing in my ear, an unexplainable temperment I know also that should amadlozi want me to do something they will reveal it to me, I’m 25 and have asked on my own accord for them to make the matter visible to others who know better then me and it has happened that way, alas I am both willing and scared to go through this journey and I wonder what this will mean for my own personal enlightenment and so things are at a stand still right now I ask only for the strength to decide on a path that will best suit me, lately however I feel numb and some times anxious…you know sometimes I wonder if I’m not just crazy or demopn posed, there’s a feeling of despair and loneliness that comes with a calling its definetly not ant easy task one I don’t plan to take lightly, ubabomkhule called me one morning and told me to humble myself the answers will come and so I wait…

    By Ngwane on 03/04/2013
  • Thokoza mina ngithanda ukubonga as well this Block.. two days ago i had a very similar thing yokuzwa ngathi izindlebe zinamanzi and ingiqale khona la emsebenzini mangihamba ngathi te water its also moving amking my ear like i can jump high bese ayaphuma or just block my nose and breath deep out that at that time my ear wil go like the was a blow out in my ears.. that worry me a lot.. as i have just consultant.. on the week before the prophet umthandazi told me ukuthi ngihamba nabo Gogo kodwa bwsithunywa. as i know my self i use to dream thing direct injongoba injalo.. umyeni wami kuvele kabili ukuthi wangivala amaphupho wami.. iwent to Nelspruit also to consultant regard my child kwavela yen umyeni wami ukuthi ungivale amaphupho.. and this two people who told me are far distance from each other told the same exact thing they have prophecy on me.. umyeni wami beka khonza e twwlve apostol before ngishada naye i use to light the candle before i went to my sleep.. and sometime mekaze kimi before sihlala sovabili he would ask why i light the candle i will expalin to hm why and that time i will dream even him things that they do kubo and tell him..and he use to say to me is lami lobona ngale ekukhanyeni.. when i stay with him kubo..he stp me to light the candle and i would have my vision but not like before.. but i thought its just beacuse im no longer at my place that it was it stop.. after we separated and had a divorce.. ngahlushwa umtana wami ephupha ubungoma nagphansi kwamanzi ngenyoa e green train her tell what to do and everything show her dress code.. coz i could not understand why now.. i took her to my granny in nelspruit it where my granny told us some of th things coz uyiyanga.. but she is my granny ngoba beka shade no mfowabo mkhulu ozala umama wami.. and she took us to the prophet khona nagle e nespruit yebo ubaba uyabona akukho anagzange akubambe ngami nomtwana kodwa wathi ngomtwana bamsebenza bamufaka izilwane kube sengathi idlozi kodwa uzomhlukanisela ukuthi kucace after ukuthi idlozi noma nagbe yizo lezo ziwane. coz i was not sure how sure ukuthi seziphume zonke coz she still dream about abogogo nenyoka yakhe e green and amanzi wakhe always clear ungapahnsi kwawo ikhuluma naye lenyoka tell her thing also to separate that if its them uzobona nagni if its not ukuthi akusiyiyo lenyoka futhi uzobona ngani.. but im also confused ukuthi ngabe lezi lwane ziphumile complitly kuye na! please can help about to be sure ngoba makub yilo li clear lona kuye.. ngoba kukhona isikhathi athi ba trainer ngaphansi kwamanzi she evn told if abantu bagqokile uyasho ukuthi lo uthwase kanjani wenzani uyini nemigaxo yabo yasentanyeni she can even tell .. engikwazi last waphupha aphansi kamanzi kodwaathi lapho kweza ama small white scorpion amaningi kuye kodwa angenzi okubi amanzi a clear as well wathi makaphuma ngaphansi kwaba amanzi asolwandle aphuma kuwo nazo lezi scorpion.. and three izikhwama nga phansi kwamanzi esengwe yamabala esinye ese porcupine and esinye ese bhubesi.. please i would realy need to help her coz she is only 15yrs old girl please you can give contact via my email for help plz

    By Sibongile on 04/04/2013
  • Ngibonga ngithokozisa kini noke bo gogo, Gogo Musa Mthimkhulu nabanye sbogo imiyalo nezi luleko. Bogogo bkulendlela yami yoku shwelezisa ngihlangabezwa hamaphupho. My mom passed on 2006 and my younger sister coming after me was diagnosed with s rare disease called LAM lung disease. She is the only one in our country, our first case in all our national hospital, no medication or treatment as its rare. I don’t know if its ancesterd trying to talk to us or what, she is healthy, fit, firm working for s good company. If u don’t know won’t say she is 35 years old elagent, but my worries is why our family, my mon use to phahla akhulume nanahlozi, ayenza imisebenzi, since washona my father he is no longer interested . He is a priest in a church theydont believe in nadlizi, now ge want us follow him full-time. I was chased away from that church after ukuthwasa kathiwa hamadimoni, after I had a dream my mom telling ne to go to church, I told her what happen she responded by saying I’m not suppose to go there, she showed me a church were people wearing green, red , blue yellow jazis se zion, others izinyanga lapho. She said I mystgo to that church those pople were also using izigubu. I found a church like that. Ut my father insist that I go back to church. My sister is diagnosed with a disease don’t know if hamahlozi or mele athwase, ukhona uku boniswa naye. Ngizithola ngisindwa hamaphupho. Njengoba ngiphahla ukushwelezisa noku khuphula isithunywa sami, ngiboniswa isifo engathi I’m preparing for my sisters funeral she passed away in her sleep. I am scared, wr are so closed, friends since wr growup, don’t know how to help. My niece told me that he dream there were lots of old woman inside my mom house telling him there here to fetch my sister, he fought with them and pulling my sister away. Other cousin had a dream were there was a funeral at home. So I don’t know how to stop the whole thing, how to help her, while nami ngikhuphula idlozilami , isithunywa. Ngiqela usizo bogogo indlela.  kuhlangahlangene nje empilweni yami.ungaba no lwazi ngalesifi I LAM. Nimgasi google for information..thokozani

    Gogo Gijimani, lucy

    By lucy on 04/04/2013
  • Sawubona Sis’ Lucy, i am so sorry to hear about your sister’s condition. may the good Lord be with you all during this trying time.

    LAM has no cure, and the disease tends to worsen over time. How quickly the disease worsens varies from woman to woman. LAM may lead to death from respiratory failure. Lung transplant is a treatment option for women whose lungs have been damaged by LAM.

    Not long ago, doctors thought women who had LAM wouldn’t live more than 8–10 years following diagnosis. They now know that some women may survive longer (as long as 20 years following diagnosis, although this is rare).

    Doctors have learned a lot about LAM in recent years. They’re now able to diagnose the condition earlier. Support services also are now available to help improve the quality of life for women who have LAM.

    Researchers continue to explore and test new treatments for LAM.

    By Nthabeigh on 04/04/2013
  • Sibongile i’m not a sangoma yet,but through the years i have learnd frm idlozi lam and healers certain things,the water in the ears can mean u must go to the river or have a cold shower with clean water, n u look at what time do u hear water.Idlozi li very much aware when it is not welkomed,respected,appreciated or when something is wrong,even at a ceremoy newly trained sangoma or any ceremony if others dont support or respect it will show on how things happen n how healers or dlozi surface,for him to tell u to stop lighting the candle can be the reason your ancestors say he is blocking communication channels between u n your ancestors,and maybe he didn’t like the fact that idlozi showed u what was hapening with his family n did something to try n stop your visions.with your daughter i think she has idlozi,i believe abuti Musa n others will also try to help.Abuti Musa the white scorpions Ausi Sibongile said her daughter come out with in the water,i had a dream similar to that one yesterday,but the scorpions were red n white under a rock near the river i touched them they didn’t attack or sting me,what can this scorpions or dreams mean abuti Musa.

    By Thapelo on 04/04/2013
  • Ndingene ephehlweni 11 feb 2011 kodwa kude kube ngoku andikava andikaboni ngokomoya; amathongo awakho clear okanye ndiyawalibala; xa kusentlombeni andixhentsi akhonto indithumayo; ndiyaphahla ndiyathandaza kodwa akulungi; nge8th ka april 2013 ndixelele ugobela kwanele andiphindi ndiye entlombeni its humiliating ukuruqa inyawo abantu bexhentsa; xa kufuneka ndinqule ndiyavaleka kubenzima uthetha; kwakugqitywa ndithetha kuthethwa; cela ubuza ingxaki iphi

    By Malolo on 13/04/2013
  • Ngiyabonga Thapelo ngempendulo yakho. ngithokoze nakwabanye ngosizo.Ingane ibenye nelinye iphuphu anagphansi kwamanzi no Mnumzane o Green emfundisa izinto okumele azense nokuthi manje empilweni yakhe kwenzakani obani okumele abqaphele nangase mndenini waka bobaba wakhe nokuthi obani ebenzani emndenini wakubo Baba wakhe.nokuhlanganisa okokulapha nezihlahla zakhona.lapho eseqeda kwavela ugogo wami wakabo mama wami wamnika ingubo yenkonzo yase zion kanye nezinduku lezi abaziphathayo angisho ziba namaphawu phezulu enye bekuyesi phambano enye Half moon ..ingubo ibi Green and white as well nebhande leli eligaxwa okhalweni kanye nentambo e green.. laphoe esephuma emanzi ugogo emnika konke lokhu bekunale Scorpion esi Mhlophe futhi phezu kwezimpahla lezo. njengoba ngasho Bhuti Thapelo ukuthi uphupha ephuma emanzi nazi lezi Scorpion ngaphansi kwamanzi. ngabe kusho ukuthi Bhuti Musa kanye nabanye abane ncazelo kulokhu. please your respond will be much apriciated as before..Thokozani nina bo Gogo

    By Sibongile on 16/04/2013
  • Sanibona ngcela usizo,nami nginako ukuhlushwa ngamaphupho engingakwaz ukuwachaza.ngike ngab nenkinga ebusweni namnj isakhonn,ngavakasha ku baba womntwan sahlal kwase kuhlala isithwalambiza esi brown endlin ngaqala ngaphathwa ihlo likhala lacgina ngokuvalek,ngahlatshwa izinaliti ekhanda ohlangothini,kwaba ikhanda elalingabekezelek.kwavele kwaqhamuk amabhanyaza ebusweni ahlangan azenza isilonda esikhulu.kwaqina umhlath nganxanye namaziny ngaze ngaya esbhedlel,bath ibhande.umangiya kubant ababonayo bth ulaka labnt abadala,ngosuku abangikhipha ngalo esbhedlel ngaziphupha kungath ngingen endlin kukhon izangom zath angingen kudala zangilinda.ngalandelwa amaphupho ezinyok neziziba.izangom zihleli ecgekeni nami ngihleli nazo.ngiphuph nenyok emhlophe ihleli emanzini ithi mina ngingimnikazi wayo.ngiziphuphe nghleli nabant engingabaz abangithandayo njengomnden kod angibaz fth sihleli endawen nami engingayaz ngingumunt ozsezogoduk kod ngisab ukuth ekhaya abanayo inkomo,ngicela ongangochazela angisize.mnje nehlo lami alisaboni langasohlangothin olwaba nenkinga.

    By Nolwazi on 19/04/2013
  • cha ake ngiphawule ngentwaso nokugula uma umuntu enedlozi okanye esekuthwaseni kubiza ukuthi yena ungenwe amaphi amadlozi kuyenzeke ungene entwasweni ube ungumlanjwalo lokho kuphakathi kokuthi ungenwe idlozi lasekhaya komame okanye elasekhaya kogogo ngakho kuyenzeka ugobela akwazi lokho bese ehluleka ukufaka idlozi lasekhaya komame ngakho imvamisa umndawe awusali lapho kubiza ukuthi ugobela afake imitombo okuyiyo egobongweni lakho and bese kuba ilento ebizwa ngokuthi ukuvuma kumele ugobela awuvumise ngezimbuzi ezimbili ukuze lo moya okuthiwa umlozi ungasali ngaphandle kuningi ebengizokusho ngeyama okwamanje umakhosi mthembu lo

    By lindani on 10/05/2013
  • Salibonani lonke

    Firstly I have to apologize that I have not read some of the emails sent but I hope you can help me on this forum.I don`t really know where to begin but I am suffering greatly.Unfortunately for me I come from a westernized family that does not endorse amadlozi that much.For the last 10 years I have had numerous problems ie I feel that I was mistreated as a child and hence I have been angry with my family and I also have failed relationships.As it is I have been single and celibate for 7 years because I get really angry with my partner and dont know how to relate to people.I have always been called weird by my family because I prefer to be on my own.I also have dreams that I understand the meaning of and at times I get`messages` telling me to do things but when I told my mum about it she discouraged me and scared me about relating to amadlozi.I am so confused because I dont know whether I just have psychological problems due to my unhappy childhood or is this the process of ukuthwasa.I have done courses in spiritual healing but because I live in England I find that I am getting lost.Today I decided that I want ukuthwasa but I dont know where to go or what to do ngoba my family dont seem to have a clue.How do I know if I have the call? I have been frightened by my family.I have also been criticised for being the way I am but today I have reached a point of no return.I cant go on like this.Please help me.I am desperate.Thank you

    By Londiwe on 11/05/2013
  • ngiyanibingelela bantwana benkosi.ngicela ningisiza ngama contact details kababa uMhlongo u president wabalaphi bendabuko no ama directions alapho engingamthola khona


    By zanele mthethwa on 23/05/2013
  • Thokozani.I wanna knw wat is differance between idlozi and indlilosi. And what is sithunywa…I once dream of a sangoma cloth in the middle of clotht its a bull and in same dream I was shown maphupo book of dreams and time or date written like this=19:30

    By thabo on 29/05/2013
  • I need ur help!

    By Goodman on 31/05/2013
  • Thokozani..i’ve been having weird dreams since the years 2008 or 2009..to cut my dreams short:
    1)I once dreamt that I was coming out of initiation.
    2)I keep dreaming ngivukwa idlozi,bese in reality,my body reacts.
    3)In 1 dream I was told by a gogo that I cannot identify because she did’nt want me to see her that I must undergo initiation.
    4)in reality a prophet told me that ubona a red rope njengoba bebhula,and that ubona a snake esiphila ngaphakathi kwam’.
    5)I’ve had numerous dreams about snakes,some changing to people that I don’t even know.
    6)in a dream,I saw my shadow that appeared to be a snake.
    7)also in a dream,I saw my late grandma (she was inyanga and isithunywa),ang’shayela is’gubhu,and when I went out of the house,a man on the roof somehow fell on me and appeared to enter my body.
    8)I dreamt ngingenwa inyoka ovalweni (eqolo).hence,hlezi kub’hlungu khona

    I’m puzzled by my dreams.anyone that can help may please email me their responds to shezizandi@gmail.com

    By Zandile on 09/06/2013
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    By Glinda on 21/06/2013
  • Can anyone give me contact details of any sangoma and inyanga in KZN that is an expert at his calling because
    I have major issues that need to be resolved and I need my ancestors help

    By Ayanda Nxumalo on 21/06/2013
  • Hi there, sumone pls help me and explain dis to me. I jst wanna if it’s a real callin or am goin mad, sometime 2007 ndangula ndibona izinto, it all started wen i was washing dishes @ ma frend’s place when i heard igubu ezihlebeni and i had a weave it only tuk me 5seconds 2 remove it entloko, i also removed ma shoes i ran like a mad person ungena endlini kagogo wami. I saw dis clear water wit a beautiful snake inside the water wit izangoma under a tree zixentsa and dis old man tellin me they r waitin for me, i mst come and engaxile intsimbi zobu sangoma, funny story is my ex boy frend was there aswell exentsa nabo only 2 found out he got in ntwaso naye. i remember closin ma ears cryin tellin them i dnt wanna be isangoma. Ma grandma was nt @ home bt her frend was there wit me, she locked da doors and windows cos all i wanted was 2 go emlanjeni. Lento kept on comin bck even when am walkin in street mindin ma own business ppl wil start tellin me indaba zam. Sometimes wil also feel like lenyoka ikhona around mna. Wil dream helpin ppl to cross the river and da forest full wit snakes. Or i wil be chased in ma dreams and da only place wil run too ngamanzi umlambo. Ngawanye amaxesha it wil be isambatho saseZion endisiphuphayo. Sometimes i feel like goin esigageni 2 scream ma lungs out as if kunento efuna ukuvuleka. I dnt knw wht 2 do cos am on ma own, no one seems to care ekhaya yonke imisebenzi endiyifumanayo ndiyayeka it’s like am nt doin wht i was suppose 2 do. I need help dnt knw who 2 turn 2. Pls help

    By Unathi Nkweba on 09/07/2013
  • like the blog. i would also like to help, if possible, with the things i know and have gone through, zedlozi

    By nomvula on 18/07/2013
  • Thokazani makhehla…....engifuna ukukwazi lapho bethi khona [abaziyo,idlozi lakho selizithwasisile nje wena fanele uvume ngoba awuyiso isangomakodwa uyiyanga…......babuye bathi noma ungavuma ngezinkukhu uma ungena imali,  ekhaya emsamo. manje ngifuna ukwazi indlel;a okwenzizwa ngakho loko.

    By sibongile dube on 13/08/2013
  • Thokozani

    I am a 27 years old woman who have been followed by bad luck all my life,1st I was told by my dad that I drank paraffin at the age of 2,then I started suffering from falling when praying in school assemblies,then I drank a rat poison in 2002,I recovered after 3weeks in coma,then in 2006 suffered stroke,in 2009 my legs went numb I could not walk,then I started having very painful headaches that no one can explain,I was taken to a traditional healer who gave me a small stick like cigarete and said I should smoke it but never explained why?now I suffer from womb desease but went for a papsmear which came back clean.I have been told that I am a prophet but don’t understand this because I see so many things in my dreams but don’t rÉmember them in the morning. Please help my life is just a mess

    By florence mamaleka mahlo on 15/08/2013
  • Ngyathokoza kin nonke.I am trilled to finally find this blog.I am a 23 year old woman who’s bin having problem since was young of being mistreated at home by my mother which kept me stressed an angry almost all my life.at home we are christian sisonta echibini St.Jonhs apostolic.my mom and dad were unable to find abantwana throu ithongo lakubo kamama and wagcina ke esebathola through isonto than ke ngakhula nam and was told esontwen that ngiyisangoma samanz esifaka white clothes.my prob is that I am struggling to work,continue and the urnivesity and can’t even find umntwana it has been 3 years of trying and kuthiwa ngine ndiki.anyone plz help. My bbm pin 283ebfcc

    By nontobeko on 22/08/2013
  • Thokozani
    I’m 37 years old and i’ve been told that i have a calling when my daughter was 8 months old.I have been very sick since then first it was kidney infection,then back pain, pain on my shoulders and neck, sore legs and lastly headache. I have dreams at night but when i wake up i remember any of my dreams. So i decided to go to thwasa i’m happy that my headache is gone cause it was disturbing me. Since i’ve been there i still can’t remember my dreams nothing is happening there, its like i’m wasting my time. I don’t see anything that shows that i have to be a sangoma and dream about anything relate to that. Can you please tell me what is wrong with me, cause i have to force my ancestors to come out they wont just come out without me calling them. Please help me

    By Pamela Mhlanga on 23/08/2013
  • Thokozani
    I’m 37 years old and i’ve been told that i have a calling when my daughter was 8 months old.I have been very sick since then first it was kidney infection,then back pain, pain on my shoulders and neck, sore legs and lastly headache. I have dreams at night but when i wake up i don’t remember any of my dreams. So i decided to go to thwasa i’m happy that my headache is gone cause it was disturbing me. Since i’ve been there i still can’t remember my dreams nothing is happening there, its like i’m wasting my time. I don’t see anything that shows that i have to be a sangoma and dream about anything relate to that. Can you please tell me what is wrong with me, cause i have to force my ancestors to come out they wont just come out without me calling them. Please help me

    By Pamela Mhlanga on 23/08/2013
  • Kusho ukuthini ukuphupha nihubha ibhubesi elimhlophe,nigcine nilibambile?

    By Mfanah on 24/08/2013
  • Thanks for the informative blog

    By Thobi on 28/08/2013
  • Thanks for the informative blog.  I have been told that I have a calling and I also have many dreams related to that so I have since accepted the calling. It is very difficult for me to undergo training as I live very far from my home due to work, and the sangoma/healer who is supposed to train me is closer to my home.  It is not financially possible to travel to my home-place every weekend, and my life seems to be full of complications and difficulties right now.

    By Thobi on 28/08/2013
  • Since I live in Pretoria, is it possible for me to be provided with the details of the healer Simiso was referring to on the 19/03/2013.

    By Thobi on 28/08/2013
  • thokozani, nginenkinga amathongo ami angiwakhumbula ngiyawakhohlwa ngusesiphehlweni bt i dnt feel like ithwasa izinto zami azingihambeli kahle ngatshelwa ukuthi nginamakhosi n ngisisangoma sasemlanjeni, ngyaphahla bt angifumani zimpendula kudala ngibacenga abakithi ukuthi bangikhombise indlela n im a twin my twin sista is alive please help i nid advise. I know nothing bt ngiyathwasa izinto ziyangibhedela

    By anabo on 08/09/2013
  • hi please help me I strongly belive ukuthi nginobizo,ngiphupha ngigijima emanzini kodwa angisinki masengidlulile ngibone sengi gijimiswa abantu besonto esgangeni bese ngibona Isbani ngathi kusemzini wen I run towards tht direction its a roundeble indumba what dose tht realy mean???

    By nomthandazo on 16/09/2013
  • Hello. I would like some light shed upon this dream I had. In the dream, I dreamed of a sangoma I know personally and he said something about me knowing uk’thokozisa idlozi’lam only in the dream he spoke a nguni language and I am pedi and poor in nguni languages, but I was able to grasp what he was saying after saying everything he had to say, he gave me a cloth with Red, Black & White colours. I consulted with one of my friends who’s a sangoma and he’s apprehensive in giving me details. I have been having restless nights and if I do sleep peacefully, I wake up with aching muscles from the neck to my feet and I also have reccuring headaches. I also cannot shake the feeling that something is amiss. Can I get a response in email?

    By John on 08/10/2013
  • I’m 32 yrs old,no child.I ve had dreams ngisemanzini,ngibhula amathambo,I have a problem hearing noises from my right ear.We(parents and I)went for a consultation and it was confirmed that nginedlozi from my mothers side.I was told to buy four different blankets(amahiya)of which I did and I was given amagobongo to calm idlozi.My question is that,Am I doing the right,I don’t want the ancestors to be angry with me,coz I’m not ready yet,am I being punished for not having a child and a stable relashinship,please share some light

    By Nomusa on 12/10/2013
  • I just want to find out about dreaming slaugtering the sheep and i was dreaming while sleeping in my car on the bridge the river flowing under, I flew out the car with blanket saw snake and crocodile fall into river, can you please assit with interpreting this dreams because they are bothering me.

    By MAPULA on 15/10/2013
  • Hi Nomvula,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Let me give you my 2 cents worth. Firstly, your dream are self-explanatory by that I don’t mean that you have to go bhula amathambo emanzini. I merely mean that you have a gift.

    There seem to be a growing trend especially amongst us the young…. “Young could be anything between 20 to 39”, wanting to calm Idlozi because we are not ready or are busy with careers or whatever the reason might be. I think one has to bear in mind that Idlozi is merely the custodian of the gifts, and not the owner of the gifts. GOD’s holy spirit decides and gives gifts anyway it wishes and sees fit. And when the time has come, there’s no turning back. Unfortunately some of our parents / great grandparents left this world without even exercising the gifts that were allocated to them, thus the sudden pressure on us the living to resume this and continue the practice. Like a seed, this is meant to spread, and like roots, you may try kill the visible shrubs (“calm”) above the ground, but the root will continue to grow and sprout elsewhere.

    It would only be understandable if one where to request an extension or to use your terminology, calming abadala if a child (0 to 17yrs old) is being heavily overwhelmed by their gifts. In this case, it makes perfect sense to ask them to slow down until the child has perhaps finished school and matured a bit. Otherwise, it’s just a futile exercise.

    Personally, I’d rather suggest that you find a balance between your gift and your current lifestyle. Calming abadala is just delaying the inevitable, and sometimes things get so rough that one ends up having a disruptive life, marriage, no kids, loss of employment etc. Or in the event that one does have kids, they end up getting impossible to control. I’d say investigate and find out as much as you can about your gift whilst you are in a fortunate position whereby you can finance anything that requires money. Some people end up losing everything including any source of income, and are still expected to continue their spiritual journey which unfortunately has become rather expensive.

    Idlozi is not vindictive, but us the living tend to place priority on material things and measure our success on that. We end up amassing unnecessary burdens trying to live up to other people’s expectations and neglecting our sole purpose for existing.

    You are not being punished for not having a child and not having a stable relationship. But the time has come that your gift starts working to help people. The relationship stability and a child / children will come when the time is right.

    By Mthi on 15/10/2013
  • Hi there,

    Sorry, my spell checker changed your name, I meant: “Nomusa” smile and not Nomvula

    Pardont the error!

    By Mthi on 15/10/2013
  • Hello. I would like some light shed upon this dream I had. In the dream, I dreamed of a sangoma I know personally and he said something about me knowing uk’thokozisa idlozi’lam only in the dream he spoke a nguni language and I am pedi and poor in nguni languages, but I was able to grasp what he was saying after saying everything he had to say, he gave me a cloth with Red, Black & White colours. I consulted with one of my friends who’s a sangoma and he’s apprehensive in giving me details. I have been having restless nights and if I do sleep peacefully, I wake up with aching muscles from the neck to my feet and I also have reccuring headaches. I also cannot shake the feeling that something is amiss.

    By John on 20/10/2013
  • I thank   every1   on   dis   blogg   who   shared information   with   us   it’s   really   eye   opening.  I’m   still   struggling   to   communicate with   ‘‘amadlazi’’  ngi   hlushwa   hisibongo saka   baba   sa   nge mpela.  Sona   ekuhisona   ngisi   tholile   kodwa   akekho   o   kwaziyo ukuthi   wa shonaphi   yena lo mkhulu.  Ngi   cabanga ukuthi dis   brings   so many   complications in my life   I want to   know da truth kodwa ngizo buza ku bani ngoba seba shonile   aba lazi   lonke   iqiniso?  Manje angi kwazi uku lala ebusuku,  amanzi amnyama a thusayo nezi nyoka   ese ziza zithukuthele kimi zize singi khamisele sengathi   ziyangi   gwinya.  Am really struggling I need serious help, lana engi hlala khona ngi hlulekile uku thila uncedo. If there’s any1 who knows where I can get help please email me i can even go as far as KZN to get healed. Kunzima ngi khala njalo.

    By Mamere Maria Moema on 23/10/2013
  • ngicelauncedo ngomuthi wamaphupho.ngoba ngiyaphahla ngicela indlela yokuthi idlozi lingikhombe lapho kumele ngiyekhona kodwangiyakhohlwa amaphupho.

    By sibongile on 24/10/2013
  • Hi All,In a dream,what does mabele(sorghum)symbolise/mean?

    By Tumisho on 31/10/2013
  • I just want to find out about dreaming slaugtering the sheep and i was dreaming while sleeping in my car on the bridge the river flowing under, I flew out the car with blanket saw snake and crocodile fall into river, can you please assit with interpreting this dreams because they are bothering me

    By MAPULA on 06/11/2013
  • Sanibonani,          Can someone help me am having dreams of lions saving me, crocodile, cows, big red and black snakes, also dreamt about me being in a trance and woke up tired, everytime i sleep i dream abt zangomas dancing and singing.. could this be a sign of a ca£inh

    By Bradley on 09/11/2013