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This is a very incomplete list: feel free to contact us to add or amend entries.

SA History Online has a good list of museums around the country. ICOM SA now has a map of museums and heritage institutions on Google maps.

Adler Museum of Medicine
The Adler Museum of Medicine preserves the history of the health sciences in Southern Africa, with special reference to Gauteng. It exists to supplement the educational activities of the University of the Witwatersrand, especially the Faculty of Health Sciences, by means of collections, research, teaching, exhibitions and publications.

Albany Museum
The Albany Museum, located in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province, was established in 1855 and is the second oldest museum in South Africa. It is a provincial museum funded by the Department of Sport Recreation Arts and Culture of the Eastern Cape government and is an affiliated research institute of Rhodes University.

Amathole Museum
The Amathole Museum, a Natural and Cultural History Museum, has an international reputation, and is situated in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It was founded in 1884.

Anglo-Boer War Museum
This museum is in Bloemfontein.

Benoni Museum
The exhibitions cover the the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand, Southern African pottery, weaving, beadwork, musical instruments, herb garden, military memorabilia and contemporary art.

District Six Museum
The District Six Museum, established in December 1994, commemorates the life of District Six and the history of forced removals more generally.

Durban Art Gallery
The Durban Art Gallery collections include everything from current and historical art and artefacts of KwaZulu-Natal to English masterpieces, from anonymous carvings, clay pots and beadwork to the works of celebrated South African artists.

East London Museum
The East London Museum has a variety of galleries to suit the interest of most people.

Graaff-Reinet House Museum
Exhibits show cultural history and natural heritage of the inhabitants of the Camdeboo area.

Huguenot Memorial Museum
This museum is in Franschhoek and deals with the history of the Huguenots in South Africa.

Iziko Museums
This large group of museums includes the South African Museum, the SA National Gallery, the Slave Lodge, the William Fehr Collection and other institutions in Cape Town.

Johannesburg Art Gallery
It is the biggest gallery in the sub-continent, with a collection larger than that of the South African National Art Gallery in Cape Town.

Josephine Mill
The Mill Museum was bequeathed to the Cape Town Historical Society by Myra East in 1975.

Kleinplasie, Living Open Air, Worcester Museum
The museum was opened to the public in 1981. It shows the lifestyle of the earlier agricultural community. Each building represents a particular agricultural sector in the Western Cape during the period between 1690 and 1900. In and around these buildings, a variety of home and agricultural industries are being demonstrated to the public.

Kwa Muhle Museum, The Local History Museums
Built in 1928 for the specific purpose of administering and controlling the affairs of the African urban population in Durban, the local landmark which is now Kwa Muhle Museum is undeniably central to the history and development of the city of Durban as we know it today.

Kwazulu Cultural Museum, Ondini
The KwaZulu Cultural Museum at Ondini, near Ulundi, was opened in 1984 and houses one of the most representative collections of the rich cultural heritage of KwaZulu Natal.

Luthuli Museum
The Luthuli Museum, a declared national institution which oversees the preservation of the life, history and philosophies of Africa’s first Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Chief Albert Luthuli, (1898–1967) opened in 2004.

McGregor Museum
The McGregor Museum was officially founded on the 24th September 1907 when the title deeds were handed over to the Management Committee.

MuseuMAfricA is a major history and cultural history museum, with collections of national importance in historical drawings, paintings and photographs, ethnology, Cape silver, stamps, coins and medals, rock art, and geology. Displays cover the prehistory and social history of Johannesburg, and the Treason Trial, 1956-1961.

Natal Museum
The Natal Museum, has collections of South African mammals, birds, amphibians, insects and mollusks as well as valuable paleontological and geological material.

Nelson Mandela National Museum
Nelson Mandela Museum is located in his birthplace at Qunu, Mvezo and Mthatha in the Eastern Cape and commemorates the life of Nelson Mandela.

Northern Flagship Institution
The National Cultural History Museum is in Pretoria, also known as the African Window, was amalgamated with the Pretoria-based Transvaal Museum for Natural History and the South African National Museum for Military History (situated in Johannesburg) and other institutions on 1 April 1999 to form the Northern Flagship Institutions.

National English Literary Museum
Its principal functions are to collect and conserve material evidence pertaining to this literature, to publicise and popularise it, and to provide all sections of the reading public, both locally and abroad, with the means of access to it.

National Museum
The Mission of the National Museum, Bloemfontein, is to promote an understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of our natural and cultural environment through high quality curation, conservation, research and education.

Old Court House Museum, The Local History Museums
The Old Court House Museum is the oldest public building in the central business district, and has a rich and chequered past.

Oliewenhuis Art Museum
The permanent collection of more than 700 works of South African art includes paintings, sculpture, and works on paper.

Port Natal Maritime Museum, The Local History Museums
The Port Natal Maritime Museum deals exclusively with Durban’s seafaring tradition.

Pretoria Art Museum
An art museum specialising in South African art.

Robben Island Museum
Robben Island was designated as a world heritage site in 1999; the Museum was established in 1996

Simonstown Museum
The Simonstown Museum collects and exhibits the cultural history of the people of Simonstown.

Talana Museum
The museum comprises 17 buildings, dedicated to subjects as diverse as war and agriculture, mining, industry and domestic life.

Tatham Art Gallery
The Tatham Art Gallery, one of the major art museums in South Africa, is located in Pietermaritzburg.

Toy and Miniature Museum
The museum houses a collection of 1:12 scale miniatures, room boxes, miniature houses, antique dolls, cars, cuddly toys and others.

University Art Galleries
The University Art Galleries own and administer important collections of South African and traditional African Art.

V.O.C. Kruithuis
The V.O.C. (Vereenigde Oost-Indiesche Compagnie) Kruihuis is unique in South Africa in that it is the only surviving powder magazine in the country dating from the days of the Dutch East India Company.

Village Museum, Stellenbosch
The Stellenbosch Village Museum comprises of four houses of historical interest and their gardens.

War Museum of the Boer Republics
The War Museum in Bloemfontein does not only give the visitor insight into the Boer War through it`s unique art collection, dioramas and exhibits but also brings the visitor closer to understanding the background against which the war took place.

Wellington Museum
Wellington Museum is situated in the winelands of the western Cape.

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