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Archival Platform briefs the Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture.

On 1 September 2015 the Archival Platform was invited to meet with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture to present its report, State of the Archives: an analysis of Souh Africa’s national archival system

SACSIS has Stopped Publishing

The South African Civil Society Information Service (SACSIS) has closed.

Digital Archive series on Africa is a Country

Africa is a Country is publishing a fascinating series of posts on Digital Archives. Written by Liz Timbs, a PhD Candidate in African History at Michigan State Univeristy, the series focuses on digital projects, based on the continent and elsewhere, that are working to make more resources about Africa’s past and present available.

Article 19 Legal Analysis: Russia’s Right to be Forgotten Bill

In August 2015, ARTICLE 19 analysed the so-called “Right To Be Forgotten” Bill of the Russian Federation (‘the Bill’), which was signed into law in July 2015 and will come into force on 1 January 2016.

Archives and Dealing with the Past

The Swiss Federal Archives (SFA) the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDAF) and the Swiss Peace Foundation (swisspeace) are playing an active role in safeguarding archives and records documenting human rights violations and in supporting processes dealing with the past through a joint project, “Archives and Dealing with the Past”.

British Library rejects Taliban trove fearing terror laws.

Academics have criticised the British government for creating a “climate of fear” after the national library declined to store the world’s biggest collection of Taliban-related documents over concerns it could be prosecuted under terrorism laws.

Call for nomination of candidates to the National Archives Advisory Council

Deadline for submission of nominations: 30 June 2015

State of the Archives: an analysis of South Afrca’s national archival system - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The Archival Platform’s State of the Archives: an analysis of South Africa will be launched on 25 March 2015. Here is the Executive Summary and Introduction to the document.

State of the Archives: an analysis of South Afrca’s national archival system

This comprehensive report details dysfunction and distress in the state’s record-keeping across a wide variety of sectors, from local government records to historical archives. This has serious implications for a range of essential processes in South Africa that depend on records, such as land claims, local governance, infrastructure development and corruption prevention. The report also notes the disappearance of important historical documents and a disintegration of many existing archives.

Archive of Constitution making available online

Approximately 13,000 documents historical records relevant to the development of South Africa’s constitution and the founding of its constitutional democracy have been digitized and made available through the Constitutional Court Trust’s Archive of Constitution making.

The Five Hundred Year Archive Online Project

The aim of this project is to develop and promote understandings of the archival possibilities of materials located both within and outside of formal archives and to facilitate their engagement. It does this in order to stimulate interest, research and enquiries into the southern African past.

SAHRC launches report on the challenges affecting land restitution

Amongst the many challenges identified in the Report of the SAHRC Investigative Hearing: Monitoring and Investigating the Systemic Challenges Affecting the Land Restitution Process in South Africa are several that have to do directly with records and record keeping.

Court ruling puts public’s access to court documents in jeopardy

A recent ruling by the Western High Court has put access to court documents, previously available to the media, in jeopardy.

R2K’s Secret State of the Nation Report

The Right2Know Campaign’s 2014 ‘Secret State of the Nation’ report offers a snapshot study of trends, patterns and challenges with secrecy in South Africa.

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