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Global Heritage Network (GHN)

Global Heritage Network (GHN)is seeking experts in heritage, archaeology and conservation from around the world to help save global heritage sites in developing countries.

To address this, Global Heritage Fund is launching GHN, satellite based early warning and threats monitoring system for endangered cultural heritage sites.

Please join GHN and ask your friends to be part of a global movement to save our vanishing heritage - experts, communities and supporters - to stand up for our global heritage sites before they are lost

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  • South Africa is a very rich and diverse country but due to its political and economical, it has not fully exploited the roles that arts, heritage and culture can play in rewriting its own histories and is currently showcasing very narrow heritage of our country. There are several heritage rich sites in the Eastern Cape Province that are currently used for other things whereas these would provide more benefit if they could be used to showcase their histories, engage with current cultural heritage developments etc. Hence my interested in joining the GHN.

    By Churchill Madikida on 29/12/2011
  • Kenya is a country endowed with a rich heritage. There is a lot of potential to develop this heritage for Kenya’s economic development and sustainability. However, conspicuously lacking are enabling legislative frameworks to guide the exploitation of such heritage in a sustainable way for the benefit of its people. Of the rich heritage in Kenya only six sites have been listed by UNESCO as either cultural or natural sites. There is need for expanded engagement with civil society, relevant NGOs and government agencies to fully realise the benefits of this heritage.

    By Julius Mwahunga on 08/08/2012
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