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“Letters for Lulu / Postcards for Paul” 2010

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  • Posted on September 28, 2010

Our postcard to the Minister. Our postcard to the Minister.

On Sunday 31 October 2010, President Zuma reshuffled his cabinet. Paul Mashatile has replaced Lulu Xingwana as Minister of Arts and Culture. So halfway through our campaign, “Letters for Lulu” has become “Postcards for Paul”!

In 2009 the Archival platform initiated “Letters for Lulu” (in the spirit of the popular “tips for Trevor” campaign), calling to write letters to Arts and Culture Minister Lulu Xingwana highlighting problems in the South African heritage and archives sector. A number of letters were received and handed to the Minister . See The Ministers response, and our reply.

In August 2010 the Department of Arts and Culture published a call for expressions of interest from suitably qualified interest from suitably qualified and experienced individuals to sit on a Panel of Experts to draft a national museums policy framework, noting that the national museums policy framework will not apply just to government funded museums, but the whole country, people with expertise relating to community museums and private sector museums were urged to apply.

So, this year we’re inviting you to write a postcard, rather than a whole letter, drawing the Ministers attention to issues that should be addressed in the national museums policy framework. In thinking about his, you may want to alert the Minister to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats of the sector or offer an innovative suggestion to address the challenges confronting museums.

You may submit your postcard, just a paragraph or two, in three ways. You can either write a comment in the box below, or send an email to the Director of the Archival Platform, All suggestions sent to us electronically will be printed onto the postcards, left, and handed to the Minister.

We know that people may prefer, for many reasons not to use their actual names on a postcard. Please sign your contributions with the name or designation you’d like to use, e.g. SAMA Conference delegate, or museum professional, Mpumalanga, if you’d prefer that we don’t use your name on the submission.

While the Archival Platform is not officially in a position to advise the Minister on policy, we are all, as members of civil society, in a hard won democracy, entitled to express our views constructively that’s what good citizens do, it’s our right and our duty!

Jo-Anne Duggan

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  • Dear Honourable Minister

    Our museums are falling apart. Funding is decreasing instead of increasing. Under apartheid museums served about ten percent of the population. After 1994, museums had to serve an additional 90 percent of the population. Despite this , no additional funding has been given to museums since 1994. If something is not done urgently, I am afraid instead of having transformed museums we will be greted by closed museums as the current budgets are not enough to keep museum doors open. Mr Minister our museums at national , provincial and local level need a serious cash injection.Museums are the public face of our democratic government.

    By Museum Official on 16/11/2010
  • Well said! I hope the Minister will give the museums the attention they deserve, as places of wonder and learning.

    By Museum goer on 16/11/2010