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Past and present African experiences everywhere in the world

Our goal is to provide proper and fair representation of past and present African experiences. We need you—if you are passionate about the country you live in, country of origin, or a country that you are familiar with—
to write a few pages about historical and contemporary African experiences in that country.

Please take a few minutes to visit our website to see the necessary information and writing guidelines. See samples of our country pages and writing guidelines. See what’s in it for you and how you can participate.

A beta version of the much awaited African Views framework was launched on June 15th, 2010. You will gain instant access to over 100 indicators including the African Views indicator, which uses a factor of 100 current vital indicators to create a unique index.

The AVI (African Views Index) ranks each country’s capacity to promote human development without prejudice based on race, creed culture, religion or gender among its people. The index not only reflects Africans experiences in every country but also provides indicators that reflect the values of each country’s culture and society comparatively.

We generally believe that meaningful development can be achieved when detailed information needed for articulating and evaluating policy implementation originates from the source and properly documented. You may also notice that many of our country pages are incomplete and unassigned.

This is why your input is needed right now. We call upon you to participate in the African Views framework development. Feel free to forward this email to any qualified scholar or colleagues you think may be interested in contributing.                                                                                   

Source: H-Net Network for African Expressive Culture

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