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Report on the South African Society of Archivists (SASA) Conference, July 2010

The South African Society of Archivists in association with the University of South Africa hosted the Archival Conference on Records and Archives in Support of Good Governance and Service Delivery in Pretoria on the 13 to 14 of July 2010.

The themes that were featured during the conference were related to accountability, access , education and training, preservation and digitisation. 

Most of the papers that were delivered were from Botswana, with only one paper from South Africa, a presentation by National Archivist Dr Graham Dominy on training and capacity building within the archives and records management professions in South Affrica.

The first session comprised of various papers on accountability, wherein the concept of standards setting was explored and various attributes of good governance , including public access laws.

During the second session a case study from Canada was presented exploring the use of records in tracking transfusion records as a result of the incidence of HIV and hepatitis infection in the 1980s. 

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