The registry contains information about a wide range of South African archival and memory institutions and organisations, and international collections that hold material related to Southern Africa.

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McGregor Museum, Kimberley

The McGregor Museum was officially founded on the 24th September 1907 when the title deeds were handed over to the Management Committee. Prior to this there had been several calls for the establishment of a Museum in Kimberley but nothing had materialised. Eventually, Mrs McGregor, the widow of a previous mayor of Kimberley, Alexander McGregor, donated the funds necessary to establish the Museum.

The official title was to be the Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum and it has been affectionately known over the last one hundred years as “the McGregor”.

Cape Tercentenary Foundation

The Cape Tercentenary Foundation came into being with the following mission in mind: to preserve, promote and encourage literature, the visual and performing arts, and the natural and cultural environment in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces.

Kimberley Africana Library

The building housing the Kimberley Africana Library was opened on 23 July 1887 as the Kimberley Public Library, the institution which initiated the collection of rare books and Africana now housed in the Africana Library. The collection comprises books, manuscripts, maps, photographs and other documentary material on Kimberley, the Diamond Fields, the Northern Cape, archaeology and geology and many thousands of items celebrating the region’s past and its role in the history of South Africa and indeed of Africa.

William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG)

The William Humphreys Art Gallery (WHAG), situated in Kimberley’s Civic Centre, is considered one of the finest art museums in South Africa. It was opened in 1952 and named after its principal benefactor, William Benbow Humphreys (1889 - 1965).


Sol Plaatje Museum and Library

The Sol Plaatje Museum and Library is in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa, in a house where Solomon T. Plaatje lived during his last years, in Malay Camp, No 32 Angel Street. It was here that Plaatje wrote Mhudi.


Grootfontein Herbarium

The herbarium at Grootfontein is one of the very few herbaria in the Karoo and Northern Cape Province and by law invested in the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) it can never be closed as it has existed for more than 60 years.

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