The registry contains information about a wide range of South African archival and memory institutions and organisations, and international collections that hold material related to Southern Africa.

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Mtatha Archives Repository - Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Archives are responsible for the records of the Eastern Cape Province, established in 1994. Eastern Cape repositories also house the records of the former Ciskei and Transkei ‘homelands’ as well as regional records held by the SAS in the Port Elizabeth Records Centre. Historical Records relating to the areas of the Eastern Cape that were, until 1994, under the former Cape Provincial Administration, are still held in the Western Cape Archives, pending the outcome of discussion about ‘repatriation.’

The Eastern Cape Archives inherited the Port Elizabeth Intermediate Depot of the former State Archives Service as well as the Ciskei Archives Repository in King William’s Town and the Transkei Archives Repository in Mtatha.

Eastern Cape Provincial Archives and Records Service

The Eastern Cape Archives and Records Service is administered as a sub-programme of the Library and Archive Services Programme in the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

Despatch Museum

The Despatch Museum, located in Church Street in Despatch, was brought about as part of a long term vision of the “Friends of Despatch”.

Port Elizabeth Museum (Bayworld)

The Port Elizabeth Museum, which blends cultural with natural history, is the third oldest in South Africa and is the parent unit of Bayworld.

1820 Settlers' Association of South Africa

The 1820 Settlers’ Association of South Africa is a living memorial which perpetuates the memory of the 1820 British Settlers and is registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation. The Association sponsors Fleur Way-Jones at the Albany Museum as their resident genealogist and representative in Grahamstown. They also have a representative in George, who looks after the Outeniqua area, and a branch in Durban, Natal.

Port Elizabeth Archives Repository - Eastern Cape

Core holdings: Largest groups: Municipality of Port Elizabeth (correspondence files); Port Elizabeth Supreme Court (Criminal and Civil cases): Former Cape Provincial Administration; Department of Public Works; Native Affairs Commissioner (Estate files); Other: Records, which originated at all the provincial government levels, and those which originated at the different local authorities in the Eastern Cape, as well as the various magistrate’s offices.

South African Air Force Museum (SAAF Museum)

The South African Air Force Museum (SAAF Museum) at Swartkop is the largest military aviation museum in South Africa. The museum uses both chronological and subjective layouts to tell the exciting story of aviation development from the days of the Paterson Aviation School at Kimberley to modern-day jets. Exhibits include a variety of aircraft and missiles, as well as family-orientated and historically interesting aeronautical displays. All exhibits and displays are well identified to permit touring without guides. Photography is encouraged, although flash equipment will be required for most of the interior shots.

SA Military History Society (SAMHS)

The South African Military History Society (SAMHS) was formed in 1966 in Johannesburg by a core group of amateur historians with the purpose of studying and promoting awareness of military history. Since that time, it has grown to a Society of over 500 members primarily located in four branches, namely Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth), as well as members located throughout the world.

South African Reserve Bank Art Collection

The art collection of the South African Reserve Bank is generally regarded as one of the premier corporate collections in the country, with its outstanding strength being landscape art produced between 1900 and 1970.

Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA)

The Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA) was founded in 1964. Since then the society has made big strides and genealogy is firmly established as a dynamic and growing phenonmonon in the South African Society. Many people spend hours in researching their family and the GSSA is proudly supporting them, newcomers as well as experienced researchers. One of the goals of the GSSA, is to produce Family Registers and other Genealogical Products making it available to family researchers. They assist with preparing members’ research for printing or writing it to CD. The GSSA also act as a publisher to assist with marketing the completed product.

South African Institutional and other Private Art Collections

Many private institutions and companies, including museums, libraries, galleries, universities etc, hold vast art collections.

Archival Repositories & Private Collections of Political Leaders, Activists & other Role Players

This collective entry contains information pertaining to archival Repositories & Private Collections of various South African Political Leaders, Activists & other Role Players.

Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa (PCSA)

The origins of the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa are to be found in Cape Town and in the Baviaans River valley in the Eastern Province. In 1806 a Scottish regiment, the 93rd Southern Fencibles, was posted to the Cape of Good Hope. No chaplains were appointed to regiments at that time, and on their own initiative the men founded a Calvinist Society. In 1812 George Thom, a Scottish Presbyterian minister, arrived at the Cape, and from that society formed a congregation, mainly Presbyterian, although members of other denominations were enrolled.

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